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Why you should rent a ship for better rates?

You may need a ship for many reasons. It can be for personal use. You may be travelling with your family for a fishing adventure. You may also need for professional use. Ships are effective transportation vehicles to take the goods from one place to another.

The real question lies in – whether you should rent a ship or purchase it? The simple answer is yes. Ships can be very expensive to purchase. Here is why you should rent ships for better rates:

No need to make big investments

Ships can be really expensive, as mentioned above. It is not easy to purchase one. Moreover, the value of ship that you have purchased will not increase with time. It does not work like immoveable property. There is no need to make big investments. This is even if you are running a shipping business and guiding people on how to ship to Germany or any other place for that matter. Instead, you can simply rent it in which only a refundable deposit will be required. It will cut your costs.

Fewer costs

Purchasing a ship altogether can be a major burden on the pockets. You will have to bear a lot of other costs as well. This includes maintenance, operational costs, fuel, maintenance and repair and other hidden charges. If the ship is older in model, the costs will automatically increase. However, this is not the case with rentals. You will not be required to bear certain costs such as insurance.

More variety

There are thousands, if not millions of ships out there. If you purchase one ship, then it can be a problem that you will not be able to purchase other variety. Thus, it is important that you rent the ships out. It will give you the flexibility to rent out more variety of ships and try newer models. Once you are certain about the model that you want to use, you may perhaps then purchase it later.


As mentioned above, ships do not appreciate in terms of cost. In fact, they depreciate. It is one of the fastest depreciating assets that you can invest into. This means that there is no point of investing at all. Rather than investing in an asset which depreciates so fast, you should rent it out. It will save you from losing a lot of money in terms of depreciation.

It is easy

Purchasing a ship is not easy in terms of regulations. You will be required to go through a lot of paperwork and documentation to get the title transferred into your name. This is another additional cost. This is not the case with ship rentals. The paperwork is very minimal. There is only one rental contract which will be required to be executed. Other than that, there are no regulatory compliances that you are required to be in line with. In short, it is easy to rent  a ship than to buy it.

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Explore these magnificent hill stations near Jaipur

Bordered by the Aravallis Range, the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur, lies on the edge of the Thar Desert. Founded in 1727 by Sawai Singh II, Jaipur is one of the oldest planned cities in India. Rich in history and well-preserved heritage, the city boasts hilltop forts, bustling markets and extraordinary places that have made it one of the top centres of Indian tourism. Apart from these pristine traits, a few kilometres from the main city, many hill stations adda contrasting colour to their architectural grandeur as well. These hill stations are a perfect spot to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones at peace.

Rajasthan has always fascinated me. I was so intrigued by its illustrious history, heritage and culture that I committed myself to visit the Land of Kings someday. One day, I finally got an opportunity to explore the Pink City of India. I made a flight booking through Intermiles and reserved a stay at one of the best hotels in Jaipur. The first few days we (me and my parents) visited some of the iconic places of the city then we started exploring the nearby hill stations that Jaipur has to offer. If you don’t know what you are going to do this vacation, then take my advice and explore these magnificent hill stations near Jaipur. Trust me! You won’t regret it!

Mount Abu

Due to its pleasant weather, Mount Abu gathers a lot of tourists in its vicinity. Surrounded by the Aravallis, this hill station is situated near the Gujarat Border. About 493km from Jaipur, Mount Abu offers a bewitching topography that you must witness while travelling with your family or friends. This particular hill station is an alluring location that includes many beautiful places like Universal Peace Hall, Nakki Lake and Sri Raghunath Temple. I went to Mount Abu during the winter months and experienced boating at Nakki Lake. I also visited the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary on that trip. If you plan to visit this beautiful hill station besides these places, you should head to Trevor’s Tank for bird watching.


Another best hill station near Jaipur is the Dhanaulti. Tucked in the state of Uttarakhand, Dhanaulti is popular among tourists from all around the country. The pleasant weather of this hill station transported us to nature’s arms and we stayed here longer than we planned. At Dhanaulti, we visited the Deogarh Fort and experienced zip lining. If unwinding is your true goal, then visiting Dhanaulti must be on your bucket list. The scenic landscapes and laid-back vibes of this hill station will keep you captivated. Also, remember to explore other must-visit places of this location that includes Dhanaulti Adventure Park and Surkanda Devi Temple.


Founded by the Britishers, Nainital is one of the most charming hill stations in Uttarakhand. Every year, a huge number of tourists flock here to witness the natural beauty it beholds. Here, I enjoyed a boating ride at the famous Naini Lake. The surrounding hills created a perfect backdrop for this mystical place. If you want to take a break from daily city life, come to this picturesque hill station and be a part of nature’s bounty. Here, you can also experience the panoramic views of the surroundings from Tiffin Top. Also, you can pay homage to Shri Maa Naina Devi Temple to awaken your spiritual self.


A well-known hill station of Rajasthan is Ranakpur. With breathtaking views of the Aravallis, this hill station boasts lush greenery, amazing culture and numerous incredible temples. Named after the great Rajput King Rana Kumbha, Ranakpur is one of the must-visit hill stations in Jaipur. Here, I visited the famous Ranakpur Jain Temple and Surya Narayan Temple. If you are a nature lover and also a history buff, visiting Ranakpur will give you complete satisfaction. Apart from exploring the temples, you can also indulge in interesting activities like trekking and jeep safaris. Wondering what is the best time to visit this majestic hill station? Well, it is between mid-October and March and we suggest abiding by this timing to keep away from the scorching sun.

Morni Hills

Elevated at a height of 1220m, Morni Hills is the only hill station in Haryana which is also one of the most-loved and visited hill stations near Jaipur. The pleasant weather and spectacular views of Morni Hills are par excellence. True to its name, this place houses a humongous number of peacocks. When we planned a trip to Morni Hills during the month of December, we visited the 7th Century Thakurdwara Temple. The intricate carvings of the temple caught our attention. Other than that, Morni Hills also offers different activities that you can take part in. From bird watching to witnessing the beautiful scenery, Morni Hills will allow you to do it all! 

Now that you have a complete guide of which are the popular hill stations near Jaipur, do not delay! Pack your bags and head to these places and witness the wonders of nature that the Pink City has to offer.

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Let’s Take A Trip Inspired By Queen Elizabeth II’s Favourite Places

When you’re as famous – and as wealthy – as the current Queen of England, it’s natural to want to take a break from it all every now and then. In the course of travelling all over the world performing her Royal duties, Queen Elizabeth II has picked a number of favourite locations which she visits time and time again.Unsurprisingly, many of these are naturally in the UK given that her duties mean she can seldom travel too far from home. As a result, this means it’s very easy for you to plan a similar trip of your own, so here are five of Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite places that you would be able to visit on your next holiday.


The Queen usually visits her private estate – located in the beautiful Aberdeenshire countryside – at least once a year. The 50,000 acre estate has been a regular feature in Royal holiday plans since the 19th century, beginning with Queen Victoria.

You’re unlikely to have access to such a vast property yourself, but Balmoral’s grounds and garden are open to the public for a limited period each year, so you can enjoy exactly the same environment of which the Queen has grown so fond. Combined with a holiday cottage and the available public rambling spots, you should be able to experience the sense of serenity that keeps Queen Elizabeth II coming back to Balmoral.

Windsor Castle

Another popular residence, Windsor doesn’t have as much space as Balmoral, but its prestigious and historical architecture is breathtaking nonetheless. Close to London, this is where the Queen enjoys taking private walks in the castle’s grounds. Much of the Queen’s childhood was spent here, and if any official residence is to be considered Queen Elizabeth II’s true ‘home’, the charm and comfort of Windsor likely beats the spotlight of Buckingham Palace.

Like Balmoral, much of the grounds and the state rooms are open to the public, so you can experience it for yourself, while the surrounding town is charming in it’s own right. It’s easy to imagine the Queen enjoying the views from her private rooms, as many of her predecessors over the last few centuries will also have done.

Sandringham Estate

Another popular countryside retreat, Sandringham lies over 100 miles outside of London. Here, the Queen often trades the smaller quarters of Windsor for a sprawling 8,000 acres estate. It’s not as large as Balmoral, but it’s closer to Parliament and boasts an impressive manor in its own right.

Sandringham Estate was built in 1870 and has always belonged to the Royal family, who use it for various country retreats and family gatherings. If you’d like to see the Queen’s winter getaway for yourself, the ground floor and its many antiques are open for public viewing, and you can enjoy the peacefulness of the grounds as well.

Western Isles

What can Queen Elizabeth II do when she desires a beach holiday, but still requires a sense of privacy and discretion? Like many Royals before her, the Queen can take a yacht to Scotland’s Western Isles where, far from prying eyes, the Royals have been free to take in the sea air undisturbed.

There are a number of islands here including the Isle of Harris, but arguably the best to visit is the Isle of Skye. From small coastal villages to the beautiful coastline itself, Syke offers everything the Queen herself enjoyed: a sense of privacy, closeness to nature and the sensation of soft sand beneath your feet.

What Next?

The Queen is very well-travelled and has many more retreats and favourite places to visit, both in the UK and abroad, while the other members of the English Royal family all have their favourite spots as well. To find out more, watch the documentaries on


Best Air shows in Poland

People have always wanted more and craved especially for the things that were out of reach. This desire pushed us forward as a species. More importantly, it led to the great inventions that made our lives easier and more comfortable. Take flying, for example. Although today we take it for granted and can hop on an airliner and reach virtually any place on the globe, it still is an amazing feast to watch and there is no better place to for a bit of plane spotting than an air show. Here is a list of some of the best air shows in Poland by a Polish travel agency – ITS Poland.

Lotos Gdynia Aerobaltic Air show

Possibly the largest air show in Poland as well as one of the largest in Europe with hundreds of thousands of visitors. With a very extensive programme of shows, attendees can watch various helicopters, jets, turboprop planes, aerobatic groups, static displays and individual pilots. The event’s location is divided into a number of thematically diverse zones including family-friendly AeroLandia for kids, academy of a pilot, gaming, expo, food trucks, reconstruction groups among many other. The show takes place both on the grounds of Gdynia airport and the Gdynia beach. The latter being available free of charge. Aerobaltic is a spectacular event and a good way of spending time for the entire families.

Columbus Festiwal Wiatru Ustka

Another fairly large air show takes place in the sea-side city of Ustka. The Columbus Ustka Wind Festival is gaining popularity with each edition. The programme includes aerial acrobatics, breath-taking shows over water and displays that light up the sky in the night time. Each year the programme is filled with some of the top internationally-renowned pilots. There are hot-air balloons, music concerts and you might learn a thing or two from professional flight instructors. This is also a perfect way to make your day at the beach a little better.

Radom Air Show

One of the oldest air shows in Poland with its first edition taking place in 1991 in Poznań. With time the show moved to Radom and today this bi-annual event focuses on displaying the latest and the most technologically advanced examples of military air force – both local and international. Apart from the static display the show is full of aerobatic demonstration by world-famous groups and all-around good fun for all the attendees. This is also a good chance to visit and take a tour of the city of Radom itself.

Skrzydła nad Kazimierzem

Another chance to combine your travels and a bit of fun is to head out to Kazimierz Dolny. The city itself is among one of the top travel destinations in Poland as well as a perfect destination for a weekend getaway for many Polish people. The Skrzydła nad Kazimierzem (Eng. Wings over Kazimierz) is a true spectacle for all who choose to attend. The hills surrounding Kazimierz offer a perfect viewing point and enhance the experience of watching a sky over Kazimierz and over the Vistula river filled with planes. There is plenty to do on the ground as well. The event spreads across the whole city with live music, food stands and people having fun all around.

Małopolski Piknik Lotniczy Kraków

When you think of Kraków, you are probably have all the old town, Wawel Castle and nearby Wieliczka salt mine in mind. This historic city, however, offers more than that. Just north of the city centre in the district of Rakowice you will find the Polish Aviation Museum, which alone is worth a visit. Based on one of the oldest, however now disused, airfields in Europe the Kraków’s air show aims to present the history of Polish aviation. A multitude of exhibits, classic planes in flight and aerobatic displays are a guarantee for a time well-spent. Since the event is taking place within the city limits it gives you an incredible opportunity to enjoy Kraków after the show.

Fly Fest Piotrków Trybunalski

The city of Piotrków Trybunalski might not be the most recognisable to international travellers and it might not always be on any top travel destination lists. However, each year early in September people from all around the country as well as some international aviation enthusiasts head exactly to Piotrków Trybunalski to attend Fly Fest. Over the course of the weekend people a chance to be amazed with aerobatic shows, flights in formation, flight simulators, sightseeing flights as well as stationary exhibition. All that is topped off with live music, food truck stands, games for children and an aviation-themed amusement park.

Book a flight to Poland

Air shows give you an amazing opportunity to watch some of the rarest and most beautiful aircraft up close and low fly-bys and stunts are a bonus too. This is a great chance of family-friendly entertainment not only for the aviation enthusiasts. Poland offers a wide choice of air shows for you to attend in various parts of the country and it is definitely something you should consider when planning your travels. The Polish travel agency ITS Poland will help you with all the arrangements and their professional staff will take care of all your travel needs. All there is left for you to do is to book your next flight to Poland.


8 Survival Tips While Camping In Remote Locations

Nowadays, remote camping is getting attention worldwide. People have chance to work from home and they don’t want to ruin it. Travel and adventure experts give ideas to turn this opportunity into something fruitful and creative. They suggest everyone to organize travel plans while keeping the social distancing in mind. favors the idea of camping in remote locations. It facilitates the travelers and tourists with Etihad coupon code. Those who have to fly abroad should redeem this coupon code to purchase cheap tickets, cargo, baggage and seats online. Here are survival tips for people who are camping remote.

Minimal Facilities:

Don’t try to make a camp your second home. Camping with minimal facilities is an amazing experience. Camping is not friendly to those who act senselessly. It could be dangerous and risky that’s why accustoming primitive landscapes is very important. Pack essentials in a bag and enjoy the remote camping.

Fuel and Build:

This is about transportation. Your vehicle should run smoothly on rugged terrains. Choose a vehicle that is resilient with all types of environments. A vehicle should be trusted companion in the wild. Prefer four wheels drive rather than motorbike or other vehicles.

Pick Suitable Destination:

Don’t you have ideas about the camping destinations? There are hundreds of remote locations around the world. You can find the one around your home or city. The etihad coupon code will help to plan air travel especially seats, tickets and baggage. Choose the location once you finalize the destination. Think about the heighted places where you have no risk of flooding. Prefer an area that is solid and level with bushes and rocks around.

Compass and Map Knowledge:

Even if there is a well-defined path or track leading tourists to destinations. Always keep a compass and a map in your hand carry. Most androids have both facilities. Make sure that these features work offline.

Light and Energy:

It is necessary to realize how light and dark work in the wild. Light offers functionality, protection and comfort. Therefore, keep the batteries, power banks and solar-powered gears in this camping experience.

Emergency Signals:

Have you given a thought about emergency? What if you get an accident in the woods? There are some pocket sized basic signaling devices. These devices have GPS as well as lights visible to passing by vehicles even aircrafts.


Never forget to keep some consumables such as food and water. These are your lifeline support. Make sure that you have packed enough water and foods for the rest of days. Don’t rely on natural water. Boil the water collected from ponds and lakes before drinking in order to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. Don’t keep consumables for flights because booking tickets with etihad coupon code ensures extra service onboard.

First Aid Kit:

Whether you are close to city or in a deep forest, a first aid kit is very important.  Sustaining with natural environment is very important. Keep the first aid kit in order to deal with minor cut, bruises and more.

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Denver daily & private tours

Don’t sleep through the great opportunity to plunge into the depths of wild nature and visit some fantastic American locations. This opportunity you can get travel to Denver, Colorado with Explorer tours company. Maybe this region is not as well-known for its sights as Paris or New York, for example, but it’s making this place even more unique and interesting.

You won’t spend hours in lines to buy a ticket to a game, a concert, or numerous museums since Denver is not full of tourists. It’s a perfect place to combine peaceful pastime and various exciting activities such as zipline adventures and hiking tours. You can spend some time Downtown meeting locals and other tourists and then move out of town to start your wildlife adventure.

Denver tours

Are you ready to choose a destination to become your all-time favorite spot after the trip? There are some best-selling journeys with the most visited landmarks included. For example, it can be the Denver Foothills tour or the Garden of Gods tour if you want to observe the beauty of this area and have a scenic view over the greenest landscapes of the northern US.

You may also choose a popular tour of the Rocky Mountain range. It’s a  journey to Mount Evans – ascent, that attracts thousands of people every year. There are a lot more unbelievable landmarks you will discover and fall in love with during the tour!

Journeys by Explorer tours

Our private and daily tours are based on the rule of providing the most convenient conditions and considering all the little things you may not even notice. You will just enjoy your adventure without being nervous or concentrated on transportation, water supply, and so on. Take your sunscreen, camera, and significant other, and let your unforgettable journey begin!

Visit our website: to book your next adventure in Denver.

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Value for money with the Urumqi Travel

With more than fifteen years of experience, Xinjiang China Travel is undoubtedly the largest and the foremost travel agency that extends perfect group tour services.

Xinjiang Travel Agency extends the best of services and value for money for every traveler.  The budget, tastes and interest of travelers are taken into consideration.  When you book through the above agency, there is nothing to worry about, thanks to every arrangement that is taken care of by the travel agency.  One can wish to rent a car and travel through Xinjiang and check out the beauty of the place.

Take help and support of a proper guide

The help of an Urumqi City Guide is so important when it comes to travelling the width and breadth of the place.  With more than forty-seven minorities in the area of Xinjiang, the ethnic group has its own folklore and culture which are fascinating and exclusive.  The exclusive clothes, the marvelous festival and the attractive celebration is something that one can experience on the Silk Road trip. The Xinjiang photography tours organized by the travel and tourist companies is undoubtedly the best place when it comes to exploring the diversities of the place.  From the Towering Mount Everest in Kashghar to the tropical unique backwoods in Altay mt from the huge deserts in South Xinjiang to the huge pasturelands, there is something to appreciate for each voyager. Visit this website;

Identifying the best of travel companies

When you choose the best of tours and travel companies, your trip is going to be an unforgettable experience.  Xinjiang has lavish travel resources.  Kashgar, Tupan and Urumqi are the three well known destinations and when short stays are arranged by the travel companies, one gets to enjoy the trip in totality.

Urumqi Travel has a main role to play when it comes to Silk Road travel.  It is home to a diverse population of hui, Mongols, kazakhs and Uyghurs.  It is undoubtedly the best occasion when it comes to discovering the cultures and exploring the Tian Shan mountains, the Red Hill park, temples and of course the Heavenly Lake.

Attractions in Urumqi

The attractions include the Red Hill, the Silk Road, the Boat ride on the Heavenly lake, the parks, the earth history and so on.  The Red hill is one of the well-known and worth visiting places.  The Ebo stone cairn, the Jade Emperor Temple and the Great Buddha Temple are places that are worth visiting.  On the Silk Road Trip, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum is undoubtedly the best place to learn about the nuances of the Silk Road and the Urumqi history.  The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum is the ideal place to learn about the Silk Road and the Urumqi history while you were taking a Urumqi Travel.

The Heavenly lake is a picturesque beautiful natural landscape in Xinjiang province. A boat ride on the lake or simply walking on the shore is something that one is sure to enjoy.




Preparing For Spring Trips In 2021: 5 Things You Need To Do

The year 2020 has been definitely one for the books. It was a crazy year that brought about a lot of unexpected and unprecedented things. Plans were upended. Lives were changed. What was once normal is now a thing of the past.

The way we do business. The way we do school. The way remote work has increased. Even the way we travel.

Although we are gradually easing into our former ways, it is still best to exercise caution with the way we handle our affairs. The economy being reopened is a great indicator that we can now go out in public places like shopping malls again or probably go on salmon fishing trips, but it is no reason to be reckless and cause another surge in COVID-19 cases.

So if you’re planning to take a trip somewhere next year after winter, it is best to start preparing for it as early as now because of certain changes in travel policies.

5 Ways You Can Prepare for a Spring Trip as Early as Now

  1. Boost your immune system.
    First things first. You need to make sure that you and your family are fit to travel physically. With COVID-19 still around, you cannot afford to not boost your immune system and not be healthy.

We all understand how it can be very challenging to eat healthily this holiday season but you need to maintain a healthy diet to avoid any GI issues or any diet-related condition that can compromise your immunity.

  1. Keep yourself updated with travel restrictions and requirements.
    With all of the COVID-19-related protocols and safety measures, almost every aspect of our lives and every area of society have been changed. Operations have been altered to a certain degree to ensure public health and safety. This includes restrictions and requirementson travel so make sure that you do your research first before booking any trips and accommodations.
  1. Start saving up for it as early as now.
    We all know that going on trips isn’t cheap. It doesn’t matter whether you travel by plane, bus, train, ship, or drive your own car. While going on trips doesn’t always mean spending excessively, it will still take a chunk out of your savings so it is best to start preparing for it now by setting aside money. There are a lot of ways that you can generate funds for your trip such as taking on a part-time job or just plain scrimping on certain luxuries.
  1. Do your research about safe travel destinations that are not crowded.
    Another thing that you should also look into is the number of tourists in your destination. Keep in mind that one of the best ways to prevent yourself from contracting the virus is by staying away from crowded places. Perhaps instead of making your way to a popular tourist destination, you can try visiting other spots that are equally good but don’t have that many people.
  1. Look for the best deals on fare and accommodations well ahead of time.
    Lastly, while it is still wintertime, you might want to look at ticket and hotel prices at this time. Look for deals and special packages online that can save you a whole lot of money on your trip. Normally, ticketing agencies and hotels offer discounts for early bookings so if you’ve already decided where you want to go, look for the different options you have in terms of travel and accommodations.

Careful and thoughtful planning can go a long way in making your trip this spring a memorable and pleasant one despite the present conditions.

We hope that you find the tips above to be helpful in planning for your next spring trip. Whether you decide to go solo or take your family with you, exercise caution, and be a responsible traveler.

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Best Fishing Accessories For Sea Fishing

Fishing is considered to be an old-age pastime.One can spend the whole day from their hustle of life by going fishing.There are many people who love to go fishing and spend their entire day doing so.But before you opt for doing so you must have certain fishing accessories so that the task becomes much easier.For beginners shopping for fishing is an overwhelming job.There are various fishing reels, sea fishing rods, accessories and tackles that one will find in the market.Each of the accessories have their own function and they are unique in their own way.

Below are some basic information that you need to find in each of the accessory boxes for sea fishing.

  1. Fishing reels and rods

If you want to fish like a pro then you must surely have a fantastic pair of fishing reel and rod.The rods are the delicate poles that are flexible but at the same time made of delicate material.Typically they are made of graphite or fiberglass. It allows the line to be deeper and further into the water.There are few things that are needed to classify the rods- responsiveness, strength, taper and action. Choosing the appropriate one should be depending on the kind of fishing you will do. In case of beginners use the ones with medium strength.It will allow you to angle various kinds of fish at the same time you will have enough responsiveness that will allow you to know when the fish will bite.The perfect length of the sea fishing rod must be around 11.8 inches longer when compared to your height.

When the fishing reel is concerned, it remains attached to the rod so that you can wind the line and draw the catch.They are affordable, easy to handle at the same time lightweight too. They are also versatile.

  1. Fishing line

Fishing line defines a variety of simple strings or some of the specially designed cords that have got different weights and strengths.Many of the fishing lines are classified according to their castability, elasticity and visibility. They all vary in case of strength depending on the type of fish you want.

  1. Hooks

With the best fishing reels and rods there are also the need for the best pair of hooks.These hooks are needed to catch fishes of different sizes.They are used to catch fish by poking the hooks in their mouth.

There are also many other accessories that are needed when you make up your mind to go for sea fishing. All of them have their own functions, therefore be careful while choosing the best one.

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Best Getaway Ideas Post Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic locked people down inside their houses. From maintaining social distancing norms to wearing masks, our lives have changed a lot since last year. Even post-lockdown, people are skeptical about going outside without an emergency purpose. But now, things are slowly getting better because of our frontline fighters, and hence it is the right time to beat your lockdown blues by traveling. This article will talk about some of the best getaway ideas for you post the lockdown situation.

  1. Bermuda– Bermuda is an easy reach from the East Coasters and a great getaway option for you. This offbeat location is not always too crowded with people and can offer you some mesmerizing views. From the pink sand beaches to the historical architecture- this city has a lot to offer. The locals are very friendly here, so the place would feel like your home away from home whenever you come.
  2. Santorini– The picturesque surroundings and the perfect views make Santorini one of the most attractive tourist destinations post lockdown. Located in Greece, this place offers a great coordinated view of the white city on blue waters. It is the ideal place for relaxing and spending quality time with your loved ones. The quiet streets beside the clear blue waters would relax your mind and calm down your soul.
  3. Jamaica– If you love vacating on beaches, Jamaica can be the right choice for you. The place gives you a cool vibe, and you can have the party of your life here. Visit with friends here to have a beach party, go to live music concerts, and dance your heat\rt out. You can arrange a bonfire by the side of the sea at night and gaze at the starry sky to spend some relaxing time.
  4. Australia– It is one of the coolest places on the planet. The country offers a lot for you to explore and enjoy. You can sunbathe on the beaches, go for kangaroo watching, etc. Do not miss out on scuba diving in the great barrier reef, and it would give you an experience of a lifetime. Seeing the marine life in the clear blue waters is indeed an out of the world experience.

  1. Egypt– The land of Pyramids has a lot to offer to the travelers. You can witness history here like no place else. Walking through the deserts might send chills down your spine. Apart from exploring the city, you can go for a Nile cruise and stay, which would be a relaxing option for you.

These are some of the best destinations for you to visit post the lockdown. Each place has its unique features, and they offer an unparalleled experience and can be seconded by none.