While the year 2020 might not have been exactly what most of us had in mind, 2021 does not have to be the same. The new year brings plenty of opportunities to make up for all the lost fun and excitement from the previous year. As 2020 comes to a close, you may already be planning your next vacation. There are many things to consider when planning a vacation, including activities, weather, and more.

The Sunshine State, Florida, has long been a popular tourist attraction and destination for visitors across the nation. While enjoying the Florida heat, there is no shortage of things to do. From golfing to visiting theme parks, to even scuba diving, there is an activity for just about everyone! If you are planning to visit the wonderful state of Florida, here is a short list of things to do during your vacation:

  • Swim with dolphins:
    Being nearly surrounded by the ocean, Florida is a great place to experience the wonders of marine creatures. Various attractions such as SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Discovery Cove offer opportunities to swim alongside gentle marine giants. At Discovery Cove, you may even feed colorful birds or frolic with mischievous sea otters.
  • Enjoy a ride on one of the many cruises docking in Florida:
    There are always plenty of cruise ships docking at the various ports of Florida. Each cruise offers a special experience to every family. Cruises from Florida may visit the Caribbean islands and other bodies of land surrounding the state. Based on your choice of excursions and activities, going on a cruise is a unique experience.
  • Try your hand at fishing:
    There are plenty of places where you can fish in Florida. From the Gulf of Mexico to the numerous beaches in the state, there is no shortage of fish just waiting to be captured. Before going fishing, make sure that you have the appropriate license and adhere to any guidelines.
  • Go snorkeling or scuba diving:
    Plenty of bodies of water surrounding Florida are crystal blue with beautiful coral reefs and fish hiding beneath the surface. The atmosphere is simply perfect for snorkeling, and you may even be able to snap a few photos of the amazing marine life.
  • Ride a coaster:
    Florida is home to many theme parks, including Universal Studios, Disney World, SeaWorld, FunSpot, and more. Whether you wish to take a ride into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or a few photos with Mickey Mouse, there is something to do for everyone.
  • Blast off into space:
    Kennedy Space Center is located in the heart of Florida. In this interactive museum, you may travel through time and witness America’s first steps towards space. You may also speak with a real astronaut and experience what it is like to launch into space.
  • Ride an airboat:
    Airboat rides are one of Florida’s many specialties because of the amount of space allocated towards wildlife reserves and marshes. While riding on an airboat, you may witness terrifying crocodiles swimming freely underneath or even lively fish jumping above the surface.
  • Ride the Orlando Eye:
    If there is just enough time left for one activity during your vacation, riding the Orlando Eye is something you should definitely try. This gigantic Ferris wheel allows you to see the entirety of Orlando from the apex. This ride also provides some amazing photo opportunities. Regardless of the height of the Ferris wheel, most people will be allowed to ride it.