Are you looking for a vacation? Well, there can be no other place that Melbourne. The vibrant city can offer several types of cultural as well as sightseeing activities that travelers can explore. The city is located near some amazing day visit destinations. Nature lovers, art lovers, and food lovers can have a wonderful time with their loved ones. You can find amazing day tours in Melbourne & Victoria. Victoria has an array of friendly neighborhood localities and towns. If you are in the mood of some winery tour or a road trip or just sightseeing, you can find a lot of places to explore.

Some of the amazing places to explore whilst you are in the city are as follows-

Mornington Peninsula

This exquisite Peninsula can be a great getaway for the people who want to escape from their daily lives. This is one of the best attractions where you can find amazing views near Phillip Bay. You can also find some amazing barbecue in the area and delicious banana pudding. You can find some amazing diners that will make your day.

Bellarine Peninsula

Bellarine Peninsula is situated in the eastern part. Many travelers have begun to understand that this coastal region can offer a lot to the people than it was known. Also, the region is inexpensive and you can have a great time without spending a lot of money. Bellarine has to offer wonderful beaches, top-class luxury accommodation, and wineries. If you are a lover of great food, this is the place that you must visit.

Yarra Valley

Did you know that the Yarra Valley is only an hour’s ride from the city of Melbourne? This is why so many day tours in Melbourne & Victoria include this destination in their packages. This suburbia is known for its vines, hills, paddocks, and cows. You can visit this place and gave an awesome time regardless of the weather conditions.


Ballarat can be the most wonderful spot if you want to experience the golden rush hour. This is a historic place that can offer authentic art galleries to historic regions and towns. You can find fun activities here, especially if you visit in the cool months the winter festival in Ballarat is worth attending that happens every year in July.

The town can offer visitors great food, thrilling wine events, fun, and action-packed gigs and live performances. For ice skating lovers, there is an ice rink. You can experience spooky ghost tours and so much more. The best thing is that trains run from Melbourne to Ballarat every hour. This can save you a lot of travel time.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your day tour now and have the most amazing leisure time.