India is the tourist destination with the most variety. Starting from places to flavors, clothing everything is colorful and fun. To enjoy the most of it and have a luxurious and comfortable travel India has many grand luxury train services. Managed by the best Indian railway services of India i.e. Indian railways (IRCTC) there is total number of seven luxury train tours in India. They are as follows –

1) MAHARAJAS EXPRESS:- This is the best luxurious train service in India which was voted ‘world’s leading luxury train’ in the year 2012, 2013 and 2014. It has been the ‘world leading luxury train’ for six consecutive years. It gives you great tours in which you witness the grand forts, palaces, and heritage of India reflected through architectural beauty. It has great hospitality, well-stocked bars, lavish interiors, and everything to fulfill your priorities.

STARTS FROM:-Trivandrum in south and Delhi from the north.

PRICE:- 3.97 Lakhs for Indians

2) ROYAL RAJASTHAN ON WHEELS:- This is another most popular luxury train in India. The facilities offered by it is beyond anyone is capable of imagining. It has royal like décor along with multi-cuisine restaurants, bars, spa and the five class treatment.


PRICE:-3.78 Lakhs

3) PALACE ON WHEELS:- This is the luxurious train which was relaunched in 2009 to promote tourism. Palace on Wheels train has exquisite decors, stocked bar, gracious hospitality, and delicious food. The most interesting factor is that this train promotes and enhances the local culture of India in the form of paintings available as lavish wallpapers on the train. It is the best and suitable amalgamation of transport along with luxury.


PRICE:-3.63 lakhs

4) THE DECCAN ODDESSEY:- This luxurious train was inspired from the early era and showcases the traveling style of early Indian kings and rulers. The cabins are like palaces, with multi-cuisine restaurants on board along with spa and other amenities of a 5-star hotel. Managed by the luxurious Taj hotels this train service reflects the life of maharajas in the 16th century. It is basically a 5-star hotel on wheels which gives you tremendous comfortable feel with vibes of early periods of Indian culture.

STARTS FROM:-Mumbai or Delhi


5) GOLDEN CHARIOT:- This is the most luxurious train in South India. Most of its routes cover south India. This full AC train has impeccable hospitality along with royal interiors, bars, ayurvedic spa, mini gym, restaurants and the list of services go on. The Golden Chariot train is considered as the best luxurious train in India by tourists and was awarded ‘world’s leading luxury train’ in 2013.

STARTS FROM:-Bangalore

PRICE:-16,000 per night

6) ROYAL ORIENT TRAIN:- This train takes you to most of the popular tourist destinations in India. Starting from large area cabins with good décor, multi-cuisine restaurants, libraries, bars this place has all the amenities which comes to your mind while staying in a 5-star hotel.


PRICE:- 7480$

7) FAIRY QUEEN EXPRESS:- Lastly we have fairy queen express which is one of the oldest and most luxurious trains in India. Being the oldest it has a charm and feel of its own, which made it a recipient for Guinness book of world records and national tourism award.