If you are planning to visit Mexico there are plenty of chances that you will be visiting Puerto Vallarta. It is a resort town located on the Pacific side of Mexico. It is known for its slides, waters, water sports, and beaches.

Activities in Puerto Vallarta

There are a lot of activities in Puerto Vallarta that you can do. As it is a resort city it has many places where you can go. But, one of the best places where you can experience it all is located 15 minutes away from here in Nuevo Vallarta called Aquavanturas Park. It is the biggest water park in the entire area. You won’t be able to find a bigger park with more activities than this.

When you visit the water park, remember to have a full day for it as there are so many activities that it is going to take at least an entire day. There are several activities you can opt for. You can go water sliding on many different sized slides and enjoy yourself, but if you prefer a more calm and soothing atmosphere, you can lie down and relax in the beaches and watch the slow running water. You can also ride zip lines and have a great time.

Swimming with dolphins

The main attraction for which people visit is to go swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta. Dolphins are very friendly and have great fun in the company of people. These dolphins are extremely well-trained and are fed and kept under extremely high-quality conditions. Swimming with dolphins is something everyone looks forward to when they visit this park and is certainly an enjoyable experience.

Not only dolphins, but you can also visit other marine animals like sea lions. Sea lions are like an equivalent of your dogs as they are very friendly and loyal marine animals. They play with humans and both enjoy each other’s company allot. One thing is certain that when you visit Aquaventuras it will be an experience of a lifetime and you won’t ever forget that day.