Can’t book international flights? Put your air miles to use on these 5 things.

The COVID-19 pandemic might have snubbed your international travel plans for an indefinite time to come. This has rendered all the air miles that you have excitedly accumulated to lie dormant. While most good programs have extended the expiration of the accumulated miles, there are other ways to use these miles to that doesn’t require you to travel.

Let’s check out 5 ways to use your air miles on things other than international air travel:

  1. Donate to Charities

The world today is in much need of help and support. It’s not only the coronavirus that has been creating havoc. Natural calamities, disasters and other unfortunate events are at a staggering rise. There are multiple individuals out there who can use a little bit of your help.

You can selflessly donate your air miles to the charities and fundraisers accepting mile donations. For someone out there, your support could mean a world. For every mile you donate, a defined sum goes to these organisations in your name.

1.RefillingFuel in Your Car

While you do not have to take an international tour, you surely need to run errands throughout the city. Your air miles can effectively aid you here. If your car needs a refuel, then you can exchange your air miles forfilling fuel at select outlets.

All you have to do is mention your membership number and ask the attendant to use your accumulated miles.

2.Gift your Miles

So you do not have anywhere to spend your air miles. Then right now can be the best time to give your air miles to a friend or a family member. Is your sister turning 18? Or your friend’s marriage anniversary is approaching? Great, you can make their day special by giving them air miles.

3.Book Domestic Flights

While this may be a no-brainer but most programs don’t just let you book international flights but also domestic flights using your miles. With international travel suspended, domestic travel could be a good way to use your miles. If you are a member of a program that lets you choose various airlines across the country and world, this may be a great way to use your miles. Moreover, domestic travel usually costs you lesser miles than international travel.

4.Shop with your Miles

Is the oven giving you a nightmare? Or you want to buy the latest headphones? Get whatever you require in exchange for your air miles. Visit the online reward store and check out the different products that you might need.

Check out different sections right from clothing and accessories to electronics to get a better picture. Till the time you cannot book your international flights, upgrade your entire wardrobe for your next exciting international getaway.

Use the Points Wisely

Armoured with these tips, you don’t have to let your air miles expire. However, make sure you check the program’s guidelines before using your miles. As mentioned before, many programs have extended the expiration of points to suit their members’ needs. Don’t spend your points unnecessarily. These are precious points, and you must use them judiciously.