Vacation at a hotel is one of the right choices for those of you who don’t have much time off. There are many of the best hotels in Singapore that you can choose to spend the night, vacation at a hotel or the term is a staycation, which is a vacation activity carried out at hotels and other activities carried out at hotels such as spas, cooking classes and other activities depending on what the hotel provides for guests. the guest.

But you can’t just choose a place to stay because it will affect the quality of your vacation. There are several things to consider before booking a hotel for a staycation:

1. See Your Budget

The first tip is by looking at the budget you have and the hotel you want to stay in. Don’t charge a fee, if you can’t afford the hotel rate you prefer. During staycation or vacation time you are not only spending money on hotels or staying in accommodations, but also for the food, transportation, and many more.

2. Hotel Location

The second tip is to consider the location of the hotel. Make sure your hotel locations are nearby to some public facilities or even tourist attractions. Some public facilities that have to be considered nearby the hotel that you are staying in such as minimarket, ATM center, transportation, pedestrian walk, and many more

3. Places to Eat

Take a look at hotels with places to eat that are easy to find. Because of the many places to eat, there are also usually many public transportations, so you won’t have any trouble when you go anywhere using public transportation.

4. Safety Conditions

Make sure the hotel you stay in is located in a safe environment or area. Therefore, you will still be able to enjoy walking around the hotel without feeling anxious or confused. Not only that, a hotel that is located in a great area will also bring great views and scenery.

5. Cleanliness

Choose a clean and decent hotel to serve as your place to stay during your vacation. It doesn’t always have to be full of expensive interiors. The most important thing is, the hotel offers great treatment for the room and building, and also the staff are paying attention to the cleanliness.

6. Hotel Facilities

Consider what facilities the hotel has. You certainly don’t want to spend a lot of money just to pay for a hotel that doesn’t have proper facilities.

7. View Testimonials

A smart way to choose a hotel can also be done by paying attention to various visitor testimonials before you book. You can find the previous guests’ reviews of the hotel you want to stay in through some application such as Traveloka, or even the official website of the hotels. These reviews can be of some consideration, whether the hotel is worth it for your stay.

8. Compare Each Hotel

In order to book a hotel room, try to find some hotel that makes you feel interested, then try to compare some aspects such as the facilities, the price per night, public transportation around, and many more. After you have compared it, you can get a brief background for the hotel you are willing to stay in there. Whether it is suitable for vacation, staycation, business trip, and many more.

Those are some tips in order to choose a great hotel based on your needs. Don’t let your vacation be ruined by lack of time to do hotel research. A staycation can be your vacation choice, when you don’t have much time for vacation, and it will increase the closeness between you and your friends or family who join the staycation, and if you stay on your own you will get to know your own family better.