Charter fishing is gaining a lot of popularity these days because of the fun, excitement and thrill that it offers. Moreover, there are many types of charter fishing trips to suit the taste and needs of all people. You will be spoilt by choices. Are you interested in knowing various types before selecting the right trip to suit you?

Types of fishing

  1. Bottom fishing – It is the most common type. In this type, you drop a line near the sea floor. In most of the cases, a particular type of fish will be left to inhabit by the captains by dropping artificial reef. This increases the chances of great catches. This is an excellent option for beginners. Scampi, triggerfish, snapper and amberjack are a few examples of fish that you can catch in bottom fishing.
  2. Trolling – This is more exciting than bottom fishing. The boat keeps on moving at a slow speed. The bait moves on the top or near the top of the water. The fish put up a great fight before getting caught. Mackerel, kingfish, cobia and sailfish are a few examples that are caught in this type.
  3. Offshore fishing – Are you looking for trophy mounting? Do you want to pose for the photograph with a big catch? If so, this type is the best option. This is also suitable for adventure seekers. You have to be strong and be ready for a big fight before you land the fish caught in offshore fishing. Dolphin, tuna and marlin are a few examples of fish caught in this type of fishing.
  4. Bay fishing – This is the best option if you are on a budget. This is usually cheaper and is done in smaller boats. Boats may accommodate just 4 to 6 people. Light tackle and live bait are used for fishing. It is also referred to as inshore fishing. You stay close to the dock in this type of fishing.
  5. Jigging fishing – This is a new technique in fishing. A jig is thrown deep into the waters. It is moved up the surface to imitate bait. Special rods and reels are used. You can use this type of fishing for deep bottom, shallow and mid water.

Types of fishing on the basis of size and type of fish

  • Light tackle fishing for small fish like jacks, mackerels etc.
  • Tarpon fishing – A wonderful adventure in which the beautiful silver colored tarpon fish jumps high out of the water before biting the bait. You have to fight to catch the huge tarpon.
  • Shark fishing – This is a special type of charter fishing. It is meant for highly adventurous people. Sharks like tiger, spinner, bull and sandbar etc. are caught in this type of fishing.

Fishing in UAE is an adventure to look forward. Know in detail about all types of fishing before selecting the right one to suit you.  Make sure you go with the best fishing charter company.