You may need a ship for many reasons. It can be for personal use. You may be travelling with your family for a fishing adventure. You may also need for professional use. Ships are effective transportation vehicles to take the goods from one place to another.

The real question lies in – whether you should rent a ship or purchase it? The simple answer is yes. Ships can be very expensive to purchase. Here is why you should rent ships for better rates:

No need to make big investments

Ships can be really expensive, as mentioned above. It is not easy to purchase one. Moreover, the value of ship that you have purchased will not increase with time. It does not work like immoveable property. There is no need to make big investments. This is even if you are running a shipping business and guiding people on how to ship to Germany or any other place for that matter. Instead, you can simply rent it in which only a refundable deposit will be required. It will cut your costs.

Fewer costs

Purchasing a ship altogether can be a major burden on the pockets. You will have to bear a lot of other costs as well. This includes maintenance, operational costs, fuel, maintenance and repair and other hidden charges. If the ship is older in model, the costs will automatically increase. However, this is not the case with rentals. You will not be required to bear certain costs such as insurance.

More variety

There are thousands, if not millions of ships out there. If you purchase one ship, then it can be a problem that you will not be able to purchase other variety. Thus, it is important that you rent the ships out. It will give you the flexibility to rent out more variety of ships and try newer models. Once you are certain about the model that you want to use, you may perhaps then purchase it later.


As mentioned above, ships do not appreciate in terms of cost. In fact, they depreciate. It is one of the fastest depreciating assets that you can invest into. This means that there is no point of investing at all. Rather than investing in an asset which depreciates so fast, you should rent it out. It will save you from losing a lot of money in terms of depreciation.

It is easy

Purchasing a ship is not easy in terms of regulations. You will be required to go through a lot of paperwork and documentation to get the title transferred into your name. This is another additional cost. This is not the case with ship rentals. The paperwork is very minimal. There is only one rental contract which will be required to be executed. Other than that, there are no regulatory compliances that you are required to be in line with. In short, it is easy to rent a ship than to buy it.