People have always wanted more and craved especially for the things that were out of reach. This desire pushed us forward as a species. More importantly, it led to the great inventions that made our lives easier and more comfortable. Take flying, for example. Although today we take it for granted and can hop on an airliner and reach virtually any place on the globe, it still is an amazing feast to watch and there is no better place to for a bit of plane spotting than an air show. Here is a list of some of the best air shows in Poland by a Polish travel agency – ITS Poland.

Lotos Gdynia Aerobaltic Air show

Possibly the largest air show in Poland as well as one of the largest in Europe with hundreds of thousands of visitors. With a very extensive programme of shows, attendees can watch various helicopters, jets, turboprop planes, aerobatic groups, static displays and individual pilots. The event’s location is divided into a number of thematically diverse zones including family-friendly AeroLandia for kids, academy of a pilot, gaming, expo, food trucks, reconstruction groups among many other. The show takes place both on the grounds of Gdynia airport and the Gdynia beach. The latter being available free of charge. Aerobaltic is a spectacular event and a good way of spending time for the entire families.

Columbus Festiwal Wiatru Ustka

Another fairly large air show takes place in the sea-side city of Ustka. The Columbus Ustka Wind Festival is gaining popularity with each edition. The programme includes aerial acrobatics, breath-taking shows over water and displays that light up the sky in the night time. Each year the programme is filled with some of the top internationally-renowned pilots. There are hot-air balloons, music concerts and you might learn a thing or two from professional flight instructors. This is also a perfect way to make your day at the beach a little better.

Radom Air Show

One of the oldest air shows in Poland with its first edition taking place in 1991 in Poznań. With time the show moved to Radom and today this bi-annual event focuses on displaying the latest and the most technologically advanced examples of military air force – both local and international. Apart from the static display the show is full of aerobatic demonstration by world-famous groups and all-around good fun for all the attendees. This is also a good chance to visit and take a tour of the city of Radom itself.

Skrzydła nad Kazimierzem

Another chance to combine your travels and a bit of fun is to head out to Kazimierz Dolny. The city itself is among one of the top travel destinations in Poland as well as a perfect destination for a weekend getaway for many Polish people. The Skrzydła nad Kazimierzem (Eng. Wings over Kazimierz) is a true spectacle for all who choose to attend. The hills surrounding Kazimierz offer a perfect viewing point and enhance the experience of watching a sky over Kazimierz and over the Vistula river filled with planes. There is plenty to do on the ground as well. The event spreads across the whole city with live music, food stands and people having fun all around.

Małopolski Piknik Lotniczy Kraków

When you think of Kraków, you are probably have all the old town, Wawel Castle and nearby Wieliczka salt mine in mind. This historic city, however, offers more than that. Just north of the city centre in the district of Rakowice you will find the Polish Aviation Museum, which alone is worth a visit. Based on one of the oldest, however now disused, airfields in Europe the Kraków’s air show aims to present the history of Polish aviation. A multitude of exhibits, classic planes in flight and aerobatic displays are a guarantee for a time well-spent. Since the event is taking place within the city limits it gives you an incredible opportunity to enjoy Kraków after the show.

Fly Fest Piotrków Trybunalski

The city of Piotrków Trybunalski might not be the most recognisable to international travellers and it might not always be on any top travel destination lists. However, each year early in September people from all around the country as well as some international aviation enthusiasts head exactly to Piotrków Trybunalski to attend Fly Fest. Over the course of the weekend people a chance to be amazed with aerobatic shows, flights in formation, flight simulators, sightseeing flights as well as stationary exhibition. All that is topped off with live music, food truck stands, games for children and an aviation-themed amusement park.

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Air shows give you an amazing opportunity to watch some of the rarest and most beautiful aircraft up close and low fly-bys and stunts are a bonus too. This is a great chance of family-friendly entertainment not only for the aviation enthusiasts. Poland offers a wide choice of air shows for you to attend in various parts of the country and it is definitely something you should consider when planning your travels. The Polish travel agency ITS Poland will help you with all the arrangements and their professional staff will take care of all your travel needs. All there is left for you to do is to book your next flight to Poland.