If you are based in the UK, you no doubt notice how the number of big bikes seen on our roads in summer increases, and as we move from spring to summer, thousands of big bike owners throwback the tarpaulin, blow off the cobwebs and get ready for a few golden months of summer riding. There are a few major big bike styles, which we will examine in this article, with the aim of helping you to choose the right bike.

The Sports Bike

This is for the speed freaks; those who watch Mark Marquez battling with Valentino Rossi in the thrilling MotoGP races and the state-of-the-art super-sports bikes incorporate racing technology. The best deals for sports bikes can be found at Wheels Motorcycles, one of the UK’s leading bike dealerships, where you can buy new or used bikes, with low-interest loans. Whether you prefer the Honda CBR Series, or the Yamaha R Series, there are bikes ranging from 125cc to 1300cc, so there is something for every taste. The Yamaha TMZ R6 is perhaps the closest thing to track-riding perfection, while the R1.5 and R3 are smaller versions, with the R1 giving 1000cc of raw power for the ultimate speed experience.

The Street Bike

A more upright seating posture with a rugged design that encompasses urban riding, the street bike is best represented by the slick wide tyres and reliable 4-stroke multi-cylinder engines. This style of bike is very popular, as it offers a comfortable riding position, which is ideal for commuting. Here is an informative article that examines why it makes sense to rent a vehicle, rather than buying.

The Touring Bike

This style combines raw power with a level of comfort you could never enjoy with a sports bike, with mid-range engines of 650-750cc that provide you with all the power you need. The classic Honda Gold Wing Series is, without doubt, the flagship of the touring class of big bikes, while Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki, all make great touring machines.

The Off-Road Bike

One of the new and exciting breeds of the big bike is best represented by the Honda African Twin Series, with models ranging from 300cc to 1,300cc and everything in between. More and more riders are turning to off-road, as it offers challenges that road riding cannot match, and if you think that you’ll be riding on the roads 90% of the time, the moto-cross style works in both environments.

The UK Motorcycle Licence Categories

Of course, you are not allowed to start your riding experience on a 1,000cc superbike, rather you need to start with a bike with a 125cc engine; a single-cylinder 4-stroke, the liquid-cooled power unit that is governed down to government power guidelines. Click here for further reading on UK bike licences and categories, which is essential information to help you ride legally. Once you have applied for a provisional motorcycle licence, you have a period of 2 years to obtain the compulsory basic training (CBT) certificate, then you can take the full bike test, which is the Class A licence that allows you to ride all bikes, regardless of size.