The Eden’ desert is considered to be the best luxury vacation rental service in northern Israel. It has one of the best Deluxe B & B vacation rentals in Had Nes Deluxe B & B vacation rentals in Had Nes . surrounded by tropical trees and lots of green, with a constant flow of sweet water waterfall near the private balcony and plenty of seating areas where you will only want to settle with coffee and a good book. You can be impressed by the authentic pictures that tell about the estate and there is no need for additional words. It has facilities for couples and families at the highest level. These rental services are committed to the highest level of holiday in the hospitality industry can offer Miami Beach Real Estate.

Luxury B & B vacation rentals service:

Luxury B & B vacation rentals in Had Nes has Adanim boutique. Adan’s Boutique is a prestigious vacation complex in the Golan Heights in the city of Had Nes, suitable for people who know exactly what they want: a pampering vacation, a high standard, and uncompromising quality. The entrance to each of our suites passes through the garden complex huge lawns, rare tropical trees and a constantly flowing waterfall that will welcome you with love. To create a special atmosphere that will allow you to truly disengage from the daily routine, it made sure that the vegetation will hide and separate each of our five suites that even the balcony remains isolated. A drawn path will lead you from the parking to each of the units, which we designed in a unique and interesting way.

The Special Spa Center:

This rental service invested spa area is at your disposal 24/7. This is built out of a desire to bounce off the standard luxury experience a few levels. It is an internal sitting bench for a perfect massage of the back, neck, and legs. It has a special swimming pool and hot in the winter and partly covered in part, with an open part that absorbs the good sun in summer. This pool is half Olympic and spa area dry sauna, wet sauna, large wardrobe, and sitting areas and comfortable and pleasant hospitality. Everything that surrounds luxury B & B really needs.

The rental service is doing compromise on maintenance at the highest level. This is why the quality of the construction of the water facilities in Adams Boutique is of the highest quality and prestige. The spa complex also has a state-of-the-art cinema and sound system with satellite TV. You can watch movies and series from the water. The interior space is also suitable for massages and chef meals on request.