Save up to $225 by booking 27 days in advance

Don’t miss out on a mega saving of up to $225 on return trip flights to Hong Kong by booking your flight too late or too early this year. In fact, making sure you purchase your tickets exactly 27 days before departure can reduce fare prices to the buzzing Asian cityscape considerably, with our statistics showing a dip to an average price of around just $1000 return. That should leave passengers with plenty more dollars to flash amidst Hong Kong’s swish cocktail bars and jet set harborside haunts!

  1. Save up to $200 by traveling in January or February

Not only do the early months of January and February usher in a period of dry days and mild nights that’s perfect for travelers eager to tick off all the city’s major “must sees” in one fell swoop, but they also herald the beginnings of Hong Kong’s festival season, when kaleidoscopic shows of fireworks and laser lights adorn the tips of the harborside skyscrapers at New Year, and oriental night parades mark the turning of the Chinese calendar. The best part though? It’s also the cheapest time to fly, with our experts estimating savings of up to $200 on fares!

  1. Save up to $8 by booking on a Friday

Granted $8 may seem a rather meager amount when compared to the $200 reductions outlined above, but it’s also perhaps one of the easiest savings to make on flights from London Heathrow to Hong Kong International, because all would-be fliers need to do is book their flight on a Friday! Of course, remember that it’s also really important to time your booking correctly, ensuring that you purchase tickets 27 days before departure for the maximum combined saving possible.

  1. Fly out of Heathrow for the best deals

With London’s various airports infamously strewn all over the city’s peripherals, would-be fliers can sometimes have a hard time identifying which one offers the best deals on flights for them. Well, when it comes to return trip fares to Hong Kong, sprawling Heathrow is unquestionably the best option, with average, indirect fare prices on the cheapest carrier totaling at just $785. Coming in at a close second is London Gatwick, where nonstop flights can be had for around $977 return.

  1. British Airways has the best deals on non-stop flights from London to Hong Kong, but Aeroflot has the cheapest flights overall

With non-stop flights on the route between England’s capital and Hong Kong lasting just over twelve hours from departure to arrival, it’s understandable that many passengers will be looking to break up their journey with a stop-off somewhere midway. If that sounds like you, then consider flying with Russian Aeroflot, whose average $785 tickets include a stopover in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. Alternatively, the best non-stop option is with British Airways, who fly the route regularly for an average of $957 return.

Airlines offering direct flights from London to Hong Kong:
– British Airways makes the journey in 13 hours for $950 round trip, on average.
– Virgin Atlantic makes the journey in 13.5 hours for $994 round trip, on average.
– Cathay Pacific makes the journey in 13 hours for $1124 round trip, on average.

Airlines offering connecting flights from London to Hong Kong:
– Aeroflot makes the journey in 16.5 hours via Moscow for $785 round trip, on average.
– Air China makes the journey in 17.5 hours via Beijing for $851 round trip, on average.
– Qatar Airways makes the journey in 19 hours via Doha for $962 round trip, on average.
– Emirates makes the journey in 19 hours via Dubai for $991 round trip, on average.
– Finnair makes the journey in 16 hours via Helsinki for $1065 round trip, on average.

  1. Frequent fliers on British Airways can use 60,000 miles to book a round-trip ticket

If you’re lucky enough to be a member of British Airways’ Executive Club, earning Avios points every time you fly, then you may be able to bag yourself a flight to Hong Kong for next to nothing, cashing in 60,000 miles and paying just taxes and fees for a seat. If you don’t have enough points stacked up, then never fear, because BA also let their loyal passengers pay with a combination of cash and Avios points, meaning it’s also possible to significantly reduce the total airfare from London to Hong Kong.

  1. Check out Hopper’s When to Fly and Buy Reports for up-to-date information

On long, popular routes such as this, we at Hopper know it can sometimes be difficult to keep abreast with drastically fluctuating flight prices, with fares ebbing to an attractive low one day and soaring to almighty heights the next. Thankfully, help is at hand, and it comes in the form of our When to Fly and Buy Reports page, where would-be passengers between the Big Smoke and Hong Kong can get up-to-date stats detailing everything from the cheapest departure dates, to yearly fare trends.

  1. Keep in mind that a cheap flight from London to Hong Kong is about $855 round trip

By collating as much data as possible related to flights between these two global cities, we’ve discovered that a good deal should cost passengers anywhere in the region of $855 round trip. Yes, some passengers have managed to secure seats for a measly $750, but we’ve also estimated that these lucky few represent less than 10% of people on each flight, while more than 75% of passengers from LHR pay upwards of $1000, meaning you’re definitely better off grabbing that bargain while you can!