We explain how to have the best summer holiday by dint of careful planning.

Summer vacations from school have always been the unofficially agreed upon family holiday time, not only in India but universally. Exams are over, the weather is hot and muggy, and the kids are bored. There’s nothing better than enjoying a break from the daily routine, right?

Apart from escaping their boredom, children also benefit from the social and cultural experiences of travel. ovel social experiences. But where to go? What to do? Where to stay? Will everyone enjoy? All these questions make planning the perfect family holiday that pleases everyone, an onerous task. However, due to its consistent up-gradation of standards, the hospitality industry in India is a one-stop solution to most holiday plans. In other words, family holiday resorts.

Gone are the days when you would have had to sit and pore over numerous questions while planning your family holiday. These days the endless debates over where to go might still be reverberating in your home. But thankfully, world-class luxurious family resorts scattered all over the country provide exceptional holiday opportunities no matter where you choose to go. So the best plan for a summer break with the family is heading to a family holiday resort, here’s why:

Beat the heat in style

Family holiday resorts have constantly been trying to raise the bar for services and facilities. They spend a fortune on creating perfect ambiences and settings for you to forget your daily grind. You can relax in air-conditioned rooms and villas during the heat of the day, and partake in the entertainment the resorts arrange exclusively for the guests. Many family resorts boast of their premier multi-cuisine restaurants and rightfully so. Enjoy the summer being pampered, entertained and fed exotic and delicious foods. Even the children are spellbound by the activities and entertainment options aimed at them. Some beach resorts own premium sea-front property where the whole family can enjoy without being lost in the crowd.

Have fun in pools

The best part about most family holiday resorts are the pools and spas, where the kids and the adults both can forget time. Many of the top-notch family resorts have beautiful and tastefully landscaped pools and water-bodies. For adults, there are pool-side bars and sunbathing facilities and even open-air spas. For the children, many family resorts feature water slides and games as well as kid-friendly pools. So you can relax while the children enjoy on their own.

Do consider the age of your children while choosing a family resort. Small children will be bored and restless at a resort without many activities for them. Teenagers might be offended and be sullen throughout the trip if dragged to a kid’s themed family resort. Be assured, there are many resorts that can accommodate the needs of all their guests. With some research, you will find your perfect family holiday resort. And don’t forget to check for summer packages and discounts offered by the resorts, they are usually fabulous.