A Goa trip with friends has become the first option on every college going student’s bucket list, made immortal in popular culture by Dil Chahta Hai. The beaches, the shacks on those beaches, palm trees, water sports, churches, sea, sea food and much more, Goa has innumerable things to offer to its visitors, both young and old.

While the night life of Baga Beach, the Aguada Fort, Anjuna Beach and Basilica of Bom Jesus are pretty well known tourist attractions, there is so much more to explore in Goa. Here is a list of some of the most mind blowing hidden spots of Goa which cannot be missed.

  1. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary: Traveling to the island where the sanctuary is situated is in itself an exciting experience. You can take a ferry ride to the island of Chorao, and then wait patiently for the birds to grace you with their presence. Early winter is the best time to visit this place as you would find a number of Siberian migratory birds here.
  2. Keri/Querim Beach: If crowded beaches with liquor bottles spread around on the sand isn’t your idea of an ideal vacation, then worry not because Goa has just the right spot for you. The Keri Beach is the northernmost beach of Goa, with only a handful of shacks present, given its lack of popularity. As the footfall here is less, you can come here to steal some quiet moments with loved ones.
  3. Fort Tiracol: A Portuguese architectural wonder, this forgotten fort overlooks the Indian Ocean. The fort has seven rooms in it, each named after a day of the week. If you visit the fort on a particular day and enter the room named after that day, you will find that the view from that room is the most stunning, as compared to other rooms on the same day. While at the fort, you can have a traditional Goan meal and enjoy the quiet and calm this place has to offer. Book a ride from your Goa hotel and spend a full day here.
  4. Spice Plantation: While Kerala is known for its coffee plantations, Goa on the other hand has acres of spice plantations. You can take a stroll around these plantations. There are a number of cashew juice distillation plants too. Goa is known for its cashew wine called Fenni. While going back, don’t forget to buy a bottle or two to gift your friends back home.

A trip to Goa is a wholesome experience in itself. This place has something to cater to every individual’s choice. The tourism industry of Goa has evolved by leaps and bounds, thus one will find best 5 star hotels in Goa like The Lalit for a luxurious stay, regular taxi services, brokers for adventure sports, guides, etc, to ensure that your trip to Goa doesn’t go to waste.