On a holiday to Europe soon and don’t have your phone connection figured out? This article recommends taking an international roaming pack – read on to know why.

What’s the one thing you have possibly not done as your holiday looms closer? Your bags are packed, your tickets and hotel stays are booked, even your itinerary in your destination country is charted out. You even remembered to take travel insurance, and have just got your hands on forex. But have you taken an Airtel roaming pack on your phone?

Why you need international roaming on holiday…

It’s the same logic you apply to the times that you may have lost your phone. You don’t want to lose your phone contacts, so you apply for a new SIM card with the same phone number. Why do any different when you’re going on holiday?

  • If you have a job that needs you to be in constant touch with ongoing projects – to the extent that you take your laptop along on your trip – then you will need to retain your India phone number even when you’re holidaying in Europe.
  • Keeping your number intact while abroad has many benefits. Chief among these is that you get mobile alerts for any transactions you make on your debit or credit card (card alerts are phone number-linked), and you can get notifications about emails and other important things, so you don’t miss out.
  • If you were to take a local calling card in the city of your visit, you would have to inform every person separately about the new number. If your temporary number is not known to people, they cannot contact you. Also, you must then save their numbers on your temporary local SIM card.
  • Instead of going through this hassle, and spending money on a temporary SIM that may not even work or which may not have a good network, why not invest in a good international roaming pack with your current mobile service provider?
  • An international roaming pack is activated on the date that you want, and the connection is put in place seamlessly. You don’t need to intervene in the switchover process in any way – just go ahead and focus on enjoying your trip!
  • You can continue using your phone the way you do back home, even when you cross international borders. So you can surf, chat, upload video and images to social media, and do all the things on your phone that you do back home, even on your holiday.

Your mobile service provider will have international roaming packs to offer. If you are on the lookout for a good connection, just choose the Airtel roaming pack.

Why Airtel for international roaming?

Airtel roaming packs are amongst the best in the business today, simply because Airtel offers excellent connectivity, a presence in almost all major countries and cities in the world, and affordably-priced roaming packs.

The activation process is really simple, too – just choose the destination country/city, and browse the available plans. Choose the most suitable one, and place the activation request for your chosen date.

After placing the request, just forget about it – enjoy your trip and stay connected, wherever you may be!