Nestled between Tibet and India, Bhutan is a country that is simply out of this world. The natural beauty, strong cultural heritage and harmonious people of Bhutan make this country a dream destination. As beautiful and paradisiacal this all sounds, Bhutan still hasn’t achieved the popularity that it deserves. There are still some secrets that are associated with Bhutan Tourism that are not known to many in this world.

Also known as Kingdom of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is not your typical travel destination. Here are some things to keep in mind before visiting this amazing country.

Mountaineering is Forbidden

Peaks under an elevation of 6000m are considered trekking peaks, and you can go hiking on these peaks without any hassles. Hiking above this altitude is considered mountaineering, which is forbidden as Mountains are considered to be the domains of gods and goddesses and are considered sacred by Bhutanese.

Don’t disrespect Royals:

Royals are considered to be the reincarnations of god in Bhutan. Criticizing them is not less than a crime in this country. So, never say anything disrespectful about the royal family and steer away from controversial topics.

Carry Your Smokes:

Bhutan is the first and only country that has completely banned the sale and production of cigarettes. You can bring in up to 200 cigarettes. Smoking is prohibited in public, so keep that in mind.

Get a Local SIM:

The network connection in Bhutan is quite spotty. There are two service providers in Bhutan- B-Mobile SIM and Dashiell. So, in order to stay connected, make sure you get a local SIM on arrival.

USD and INR are accepted here:

You can use dollars to pay for things, or you can change them to local currency, Ngultrum (Nu). INR is also accepted here widely As India is Bhutan’s close trade and foreign policies partner. Always carry cash as there are only a few ATMs that are operational.

Carry Proper Clothing:

While visiting a dzong (A municipal building that is half temple half office) or monastery, make sure your clothes cover your arms and legs completely. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to enter the interior spaces.

Gear up:

Tiger’s nest, one of the best places to visit in Bhutan, is perched on the side of a cliff. Reaching the sacred site is not an easy task. So, make sure you wear sturdy hiking boots and proper clothing during ascent and descent.

Expect Heat:

Chilli is a key ingredient in Bhutanese Cuisine. Ema Datse, the traditional dish of Bhutan, is made of chillies and cheese and is consumed with rice. Feel the heat of red hot peppers in most of the Bhutanese dishes.

Bhutan is a land of beautiful sceneries and rich culture. Spend your time in peace, tranquillity and learn about the magnificent heritage of Bhutan and help promote Bhutan Tourism.