If you have recently walked through a city abroad or at home you will likely have seen an aparthotel. Crossed between an apartment and a hotel, the aparthotel is quickly becoming the most popular way to stay when travelling. Fundamentally, an aparthotel offers the service expected from hotels coupled with the familiar comfort and luxury of an apartment. A guest is able to spend the night in a fully-fitted home, one that is serviced and ready for their stay, with the additional perks that would usually be found in hotel accommodation. However, it is not this formula alone that makes them desirable, there are many other reasons too.

Low Cost

If you are looking to splash out on a luxurious space you will certainly find many options, however, those on a budget do not need to fret. Not only are aparthotels often comparatively cheaper but they have other cost benefits too. Since you are paying for an apartment, you will also have access to a kitchen. This means that you are not obligated to pay, often high, fees for meals and can, instead, eat from the comfort of the apartment. You will also avoid infamous hidden charges that have come to be expected from hotels, such as minibars.

The longer you choose to stay also brings about potential discounts with many aparthotel services and, when compared with regular hotels, a longer stay in an aparthotel can be much cheaper.

Enjoy Luxury

Many aparthotels offer decadent accommodation, with large spaces and wonderful designs. With many options available in most cities, you will be able to choose a place that allows you a potentially lavish home away from home. Additionally, serviced apartments will have extravagant benefits, such as concierge services and transportation arrangements. You will even find some apartments with swimming pools, meeting rooms, gyms, and restaurants.

Family Friendly

Travelling with a family is not always easy and many hotel environments are able to accommodate as well as you may want. A private apartment, however, is a more suitable space for your family, especially those with children. Many aparthotel services have options available for large apartments, with multiple rooms and beds, that can host a family in the same safe and shared space.

Live Like a Local

Whether you are travelling for business or experience, you will often find yourself wanting to use a space for more than just sleeping. Aparthotels are generally much bigger than hotel spaces and offer facilities, furniture, and amenities for you to feel like you are living in a city instead of simply staying there. Whether you require office space to work or a large dining table to host friends, you will find many options with aparthotels.

Alternative Travel

Depending on your preference, you may also choose themed or style apartments. Many cities offer unique aparthotel designs in the style of a famous artistic period or event. The most popular themed aparthotels are those with period designs, allowing guests to experience living in a different decade or century.