If you plan to travel to Crete, you will have an amazing experience as this country offers what every tourist is looking for: tranquility, relaxation, clear waters, golden sand, good food and hospitable people.

If you are travelling by plane and you need a transportation option to the city, then Crete airport taxi is what you need. Fast and comfortable, a taxi will get you to your hotel or villa faster than any other means of transportation. Another option would be to rent a car, which is a good idea only if you plan to explore Crete and the beautiful attractions it has to offer.

Once you get to your hotel, the next thing to do is to have a traditional Greek meal, that will put you back on your feet and give you the energy you need to enjoy your holiday.

Top 5 restaurants in Crete you should not miss


Nina and Nikos are the hospitable and friendly owners of Elia, an excellent tavern in the southern village of Sellia. They serve only dishes made of local products and only with virgin olive oil. You will enjoy here traditional Cretan dishes turned into creations of magical flavor and utmost quality, such as delicious Greek souvlaki skewer, hummus, pork in lemon, marinated tuna with ginger or aubergines.


Dounias is located in a beautiful village at the foot of the White Mountains of Chania. The tavern is located at 600 meters altitude and it is a centre of slow food and gastronomy. All the dishes are prepared on wood stoves with vegetables, olives, fruits and virgin olive oil from the owners groves. The poultry and meat are also sourced from their farm, while the dittany, oregano and chamomile are picked from the nearby slopes. The tavern has been awarded the Quality Label of Cretan Cuisine.

Ferryman Taverna

The Ferryman Taverna was opened in 1974, and it’s located in the little harbor of Elounda. You will enjoy incredible dishes in a delightful and peaceful atmosphere. Traditional recipes are transformed into a gourmet experience, with freshly baked bread and home-grown vegetables.


Located in the Armenoi village, the great restaurant promotion ideas offers its clients traditional Cretan dishes and local wines. What makes this tavern stand out is the fact that there are no menus. Customers go to the kitchen to see the dishes on offer. Local sausages, Cretan herb stamnagathi and giant salads with local herbs and vegetable will make your mouth water.

Taverna Dionyssos

If you visit the little village of Myrthios you have to eat at Taverna Dionyssos. Just take a seat at a table on the terrace overlooking the Libyan sea and the olive trees and enjoy some stuffed zucchini blossoms for which the tavern is renowned.