Best Time of Year

The best times to visit Maui, especially to snorkel and scuba dive, is by far April through May and September through November of the year. These times help with thinner crowds and lower rates. The offseason, so to speak, one can still enjoy the beautiful weather without it costing a fortune. Just try planning and booking early, just keep in mind that if you are traveling with children the calmest waters are during the warmer weather instead of the winter months. For surfing the best time is the winter months, of course, however, planning for your time and activities are always the best route to go.

Best Time of Day

For Lahaina snorkeling, or basically anywhere no matter where your favorite spot may be is anywhere between 9 or 10 am through 2 or 3 in the afternoon, this is because of the suns position over the earth, it is more directly overhead. This is definitely of high interest in a place like Lahaina or for that matter anywhere on the west side of Maui. The importance is mainly because, on the west or south side of the island, clouds could form at the mountain peaks causing it to become dark quicker. Also, earlier in the day means more sun at the snorkelers backs so there will be more time to enjoy and explore underwater.

Favorite Spots for the Best Snorkeling

The valley isle has always been a favorite to do many activities on because of the miles of beautiful beaches, the gorgeous weather and warm blue crystalline beaches that average temperature of around 75 – 85 degrees year around. Also, because of the shores being hidden by the mountains, from the trade winds, the water stays usually clear and calm making it perfect for most water activities. Maui has over 120 miles of coastline with over 25 miles of beaches has always made this the perfect island for snorkeling, of all of Hawaii. There are many great places to choose from that are safe and family friendly so the entire family can enjoy themselves. The best choice for snorkeling, however, is a place where the visibility is at its peak, meaning the clearest and most calm of waters, also consider the wildlife under the water, the beauty of all the marine life can make your adventure all that more amazing. Many worry about sharks and other hazards while snorkeling however, this is not a huge hazard and should not be anything to be overly concerned about. Their beaches of Maui are some of the safest beaches anywhere in the world.

Research is the Key for the Best Adventure

No matter which beaches on Maui you and your family may choose to visit for your underwater adventure, there really is way more advantages than disadvantages. There are no right or wrong when deciding on where your adventure should begin, all of the entire areas is so amazing to explore and to experience, honestly, any choice will most certainly be one great adventure that will never be forgotten and always worth telling about through the years. Just research each one to find out what coincides with what you are dreaming of doing and what you are wishing to accomplish while visiting. There are many informational websites on the internet that will be able to help you plan more efficiently for the best adventure of your life in your lifetime. Just to be prepared for anything, researching everything, this should be your first step, because, your awesome snorkeling adventure will definitely begin in Lahaina Maui.