There are a million articles out there on essential travel tips… but ours are more like essential travel hacks. We don’t mean – here’s five things to put in your case that you will need. We mean we have found 5 things you don’t necessarily ‘need’ for your vacation, but that you are sure to have a better time if you take.

What are these 5 magical essentials? Listen closely for better holidays from now on.

Suitcase Essentials for a Better Vacation This Year

What magical items have a variety of functions and help you make the most of your vacation?

1 – Magic Moldable Glue

OK, so it’s not real magic once you know how it works… Sugru moldable glue can be molded into whichever shape you like and used to stick whatever you need it to. It sets into a silicon-feel finish that won’t break or crack. It’s the perfect material for fixing things like cameras on the go. In fact, moldable glue has a multitude of applications in the Photography DIY world.

2 – A Scrubba

You heard us! Any backpacker worth their salt has already heard of this innovative showstopper. When you are camping, off-roading, or going abroad without a washing machine access, you need a Scrubba Wash Bag. There’s a little wash bag in there that scrubs your clothes clean and fresh in less than ten minutes. You need a little elbow grease, but it’s the most efficient way to wash clothes in a pinch.

3 – The Solar Power bank

The solar power supply has gone mobile, and you now get a portable, palm-sized solar panel in a waterproof surround. These can be used to charge your phone while you are in the middle of nowhere. The more time passes, the better these are getting. Keep checking up on that camping tech if you are often out in the wilderness.

4 – Don’t Forget the Wi-Fi

You can even take a travel sized router on the road with you nowadays. Stuck out camping or glamping with the fam? Going to a hotel for a week with patchy Wi-Fi access? You need a teeny-tiny portable wireless internet service of your very own. This saves a small fortune when compared to the roaming charges you get for turning your phone into a portable hotspot. It even saves your battery power, too.

5 – The Worldwide Travel Adapter

You don’t need to keep an arrangement of plug socket adapters anymore… you only need one, single adapter. This thing is the Terminator of adapters. It comes with USB ports. International connection status, and its own carry case so you never misplace it because you only need one so that’s all you brought. We love the crossover to the digital. The acknowledgment that you will need a USB port no matter where you travel to is genius.

So, throw these five things in your case – update that case to a Smart case that can track itself, comes on wheels, and contains a travel safe, and you have just about every gadget going. Don’t forget the basics, either. Travelling needs some serious thought or before you know it you will leave something at home.