Your “All Happening” Thai Airways Mobile App


It’s as smooth as silk. It’s quick and convenient. It’s our new phone App which is the all in one complete service for Thai Airways passengers. It will not only keep you up to the minute on your flight status, but much, much more, and everything is geared for your convenience. Simply download the App then book, check in, shop and browse information, it’s all at your fingertips.

Your Check in Made Simple

Do you want an easy check in? Well it is here. Cut down on your check in time, simply by using the Thai Airways Mobile App. You can relax and check in via your phone, then your boarding pass will be automatically stored on your mobile or smart watch. When you arrive at the desk, you only need to present your digital boarding pass. It’s all so stress free.

You Can Manage Your Booking with Ease

You may need to alter your booking? No problem. With our App you can easily make those changes. You may want to upgrade your flight, perhaps you have a special request or you wish to make a seat reservation. You can inform us of your dietary needs and pre order your meal. You can hire a car or arrange concierge service. You can do it all here, in no time and with no bother.

You Have Access to Our Complete Flight Schedules

You know where you want to go, and we are sure to be going your way. Thai Airways has regular flights to 63 destinations in 32 countries. Our new App gives you detailed information on all our flights and scheduled times. It’s simple and easy to locate your destination, flight time and to book. All so simple, with no fuss.

All Your Insurance Needs are Covered with our New App

You’ll need Insurance when you travel. We’ve got you covered. Your travel insurance can be a mine field, but our App guides you through it. Insure yourself, your luggage or maybe something special of particular value. We make it simple with our new App, giving you peace of mind without the stress. The Thai Airways App has got you covered.

You Can Access the Very Best of Shopping with our App

Do you want to do some shopping? Let’s go. Browse through our Traveller boutique brochure. Peruse all the top names for cosmetics and perfumes. You’ll find Luxury brand watches for the discerning timekeeper. Perhaps you want a precious gift of jewelry for a loved one. You can treat yourself to top brand hand bags and leather goods. All this plus much more. And the real beauty? It’s all duty free.

You Get the Great Offers with Thai Airways

Are you looking for amazing deals? Then look no further. We are always offering great new deals and discount packages. Our new App is constantly being updated with fantastic new offers designed to save you money and enhance your traveling experience. It’s all for your convenience, and It’s so easy.

Discover Your Destination Before You Fly

Do you want to know more about your destination? Well we know all about it. Our App provides you with detailed information about your destination. What to do, where to go, what to see and even what to eat, plus much more? Let our App be your free, handy travel guide to wherever you are going. So, keep us handy.

Airport information is at Your Fingertips

You may want to check out the airport. Do it here. With the new App you can check all airport information quickly and easily. Select your airport and get all their up to date passenger information, contact details and discover the great services provided for you by Thai Airways. It’s great to be informed.

You Tell Us of Your Experience

Do you have something to say? Let’s talk. With our new App you can tell us of your experiences with Thai Airways, be it flights or services. Give us your ideas, opinions and suggestions. We are also keen to hear of your airport experiences. So, tell us, it’s great to talk.

The New Thai Airways App Has Got it all Wrapped Up, Just for You

The new Thai Airways mobile App is the total package all wrapped up, just for you. With our new App, you are in control. From the moment you book, to sipping a cocktail on the beach, or closing that important business deal. Whatever your journey and for whatever your reason, our App is the complete travel companion. Just as smooth as silk. Click here to find out more