Come Monsoon and the earth gets drenched with heavenly water droplets. The earthy scent encapsulates the surroundings and lifts our spirit. This scenic vista holds for some parts of our country, but not for every place. Ladakh is a rain shadow region and receives very scanty rainfall. Still, you get lot’s more to explore when you visit Ladakh in rains. 

Planning a Ladakh trip is surely a feast for your eyes. Ladakh is a miraculous landscape which becomes fairy white in winters. But, wet Monsoon months portray an altogether different scenery. Ladakh has best of the natural panoramas between late June-July to early September which are the Monsoon months in Ladakh. Book Ladakh tour package to witness best of the scenic landscapes in Monsoon. 

Magical White water rafting 

If you are on the verge of excitement to challenge your soul for the white water rafting, monsoon is the best time for that as the rivers and lakes are swelling high with rainwater. Indus and Zanskar rivers call for the breathtaking views and you can also go for magical white water rafting as organized by your travel associate. White waters of the swollen river and barren, rugged mountains create a magical masterpiece.  

Make sure to carry lightweight clothes and essentials required for the water rafting. Always pay attention to the instructions given by your guide. You must also pack rain essentials like waterproof boots, raincoats, and necessary medicines. You also need to carry sunglasses and UV protection as the sky is mostly clear.     

Win the challenge of a dreary trek in the rugged mountains

Trekking makes you realize the gist of life. One that is tough and impossible must be fought and won. Trekking along the craggy mountains and steep gorges is a thrilling experience and keeps you spellbound for long.   

You can go for famous treks like Markha valley trek, Kang Yatse trek, and Spituk to Stok trek. These wonderful treks are sure to give you a nerve sensation filled with adventure and thrill. Ladakh is the best slice of the Himalayan region and it gives the best spots of an adventurous and thrilling trek for the tourists. Walking on rocky terrain or snow-laden trails gives immense pleasure and thrill to the trekkers. When you reach your destination peak, the feeling is quite unmatched with any other satisfaction.      

Gastronomical Safari

Ladakh is a paradise for food lovers. Starting from white steamed momos drenched in spicy red chutney to flavourful Thukpa(noodles and veggies soup) to classic baked bread, Khambir. You will also love the sweet flavor of Phirni( a sweet milky preparation)  and spicy Cholak is sure to twist your taste buds in the best possible manner. 

Enjoying freshly baked Khambir and delving deep into reads a book while the weather is rainy with grey clouds is sheer bliss. Sipping the salty butter tea along with momos is again another surprising gastronomical safari for your taste buds.