Krabi is one of the most liked and loved tourist spot for most of the people. Krabi is present on the southern part of Thailand. Following are some of the reasons for which you should visit Krabi:

Maya Bay

Thailand is one of the most visited island in Krabi and its at the distance of 90 minutes ride away from the mainland. Maya bay is a stunning place to visit. Phi phi is also one of the famous spots for beach parties. There are restaurants, bars and natural sceneries as well. The seven beaches at Krabi are full of natural amazement and adventures which are present there in both day and night timings. There could be nothing better than a stay on a paradise island.

Koh Lanta

If you want to experience more joy and charms than phi phi. This is also one of the most gorgeous islands in Krabi. Koh Lanta is present on almost the opposite side of Phi Phi. It’s a big island and one of the most peaceful as well. This is what Krabi is famous for. It has beautiful and peaceful beaches as well as dark green forests. Thus when you are in Lanta, you are sure to enjoy the amazing nature and natural sceneries.

The activities

Other than the natural sceneries, there are a lot of activities which you can do to make your Krabi’s trip fun. You can make new friends, have a diving excursion and post amazing photos to make your Insta followers jealous from you. Once you are in Krabi, you will always be busy.

The night markets

The markets in Krabi helps you understand and learn a lot about the local culture of there. The best market which you can visit in Krabi is the town walking street Market which is full of the visitors every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Krabi’s cuisine is famous all over the world. It has fresh food and with w shopping haven. You can buy any of the amazing handicrafts, clothing and accessorize which Krabi is famous for.

Railay’s rock climbing

Railay’s rock is present between the town and  Nang. It isn’t an island but it’s sheer from the limestone cliffs. This means that you can only go there via boat. This is one of the top places in Krabi for mounting. You can climb being a beginner or take the advanced route if you want. If you don’t want to climb, you can visit then the most beautiful beaches in the country present there.

You can 4 islands tour Krabi to enjoy the mesmerizing natural sceneries and have the best experience of your life.

Don’t waste your time and plan a trip to Krabi.