Whenever anyone thinks about night the only thing which crosses their minds is the word peace. Nights and peace are two different terms but can be taken in the same meaning. The day is made to work and nights are made to relax and this is the reason why we associate nights with peace. When there is all dark outside, everyone is at their homes then automatically a peaceful and silent environment is made. But just imagine night which is already known for peace is spent in another peaceful place and that also Deserts. I guess it is one of the best experiences one could have in their trip to Dubai.  When all the sky is covered with shiny stars and that shine of stars are reflecting into your face. Oh, what a pleasant view it would be. The thing which acts like cherry to the cake is the activities which take place in overnight camping at Desert Safari Dubai.

Activities at Overnight camping:
Let us talk about each activity that takes place in overnight camping at desert safari Dubai one by one-

-First comes the Fire show-
In this show people who are expert at it pay with fire and trust me will get amazed by the talent and their skills. You should definitely see it if you are in Desert safari Dubai.

-Then comes the tanoura dance-
It is a kind for a Sufi dance which can relax anyone’s soul and mind easily. People move round and round in circles on the Arabic music being played in the background.

-Then comes the belly dance-
Belly dance experts perform it in the best way they can and it is a kid of most entertaining activity here at desert safari Dubai.

-Then comes the henna art-
Henna art is a kind of painless procedure in which your hands are decorated with beautiful designs through henna. After getting it once you will feel like getting this experience again.

-Then comes the Special BBQ dinner-
This a dinner which is loved by most of the tourists here and is a major reason why people visit this place.

So these are all the activities that I summed up above are the reason behind the popularity of desert safari. It is a kind of experience once should definitely have once in their whole life. Life is too short to wait for another day or say another year plan a trip. Book your deal now and choose us as your tour operator trust me you won’t regret both of the decisions, first of going to this trip and second of choosing us as your tour operator. We provide the best services, the services which you will love to get and are the ones which will stick with you your whole life.
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