Where to holiday in the UK in 2021


If all this time stuck at home has been making you fantasise about the holiday you’ll take as soon as this is all over, then this is the perfect guide for you! There are plenty of places to explore abroad of course, but there are also tons of lovely places to go on holiday right here in the UK. We’ve gathered up the best of them and narrowed it down to these three great places, some of which you might not think of…

  1. Nottinghamshire

It’s not all Robin Hood in Nottinghamshire (although Sherwood Forest is one of the most famous sites in the area, as we’ll discuss later) – here are some of the best places you could explore on a holiday here…

History everywhere! – As well as the aforementioned Sherwood Forest, which is itself an ideal place for a family day out, as 450-acre site with a café and two shops, there are loads of other historical sites in Nottingham! These include:

  • Wollaton Hall – This iconic Elizabethan country house was built between 1580 and 1588 for Sir Francis Willoughby. It now houses the Nottingham Natural History Museum, whilst also playing host to several outdoor events.
  • Newstead Abbey – The ancestral home of Lord Byron was once Augustinian priory – it was converted into a home following the Dissolution of the Monasteries.
  • City of Caves – If you prefer your history even further back, you could always visit the City of Caves. These caves, all in a huge network have taken on many uses over the years, from a tannery to air raid shelters in World War Two! This attraction can currently be accessed from Garner’s Hill, due to construction work on the usual entrance of Broadmoor Shopping Centre.

There are also some great museums, including the National Justice Museum and the museum that’s part of Nottingham Castle. And speaking of things attached to Nottingham Castle, there also:

  • Nottingham Art Gallery – If art is more your thing, there are some great works at Nottingham’s art gallery, which is a part of the aforementioned Nottingham Castle and museum.
  • Theatre Royal and Concert Hall – If you’re in the mood to see some theatre or go to a concert whilst you’re in Nottingham, the Theatre Royal and Concert Hall should work perfectly!

Going back to the subject of museums, if you’re looking for something a bit more “off the wall”, the Haunted Museum has various creepy items, as well as an old cinema and a tea room.

And if you really like the look of that area, there are plenty of Devon Park Homes For Sale, which are very easy to look into.

  1. The Isle of Anglesey

Called Ynys Môn in Wlsh, this Northern island is probably a more common holiday destination than Nottinghamshire and has something for everyone, including:

Views to die for – Anglesey is probably best know for it’s incredible coastline (which covers a third of the island), as it’s officially an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. If you’re a fan of fantastic views, this is one holiday you definitely shouldn’t miss!

Fantastic food – This is also a place that’s great for foodies, as there are some great restaurants around! Some of the best include the Catch 22 Brasserie, the Freckled Angel, Wavecrest Café and the Beachcomber Bar and Grill. The Anglesey Food Festival also runs every November, so if you’re looking into a food-oriented holiday that could be the perfect time to go!

This is also another place steeped in history, going back to ancient times. In fact, even the name of the island originates from Viking invasion – in Norse, an -ey ending indicates an island named after someone. It’s most commonly thought that the name Anglesey derives from “Ongl’s ey”, meaning it was named after someone called Ongl (although no one knows who Ongl is or what they did to get a whole island named after them!).

And as a bonus, Anglesey is right near to the Snowdonia mountain range, so you could take a quick trip to that whilst you’re in the area!

  1. Bath

This Somerset city has tons of things to do and discover, including:

History everywhere – The most famous thing to see in this city is of course the Roman baths, built in 43 BC. In fact, as you’ve probably already guessed, the city itself was named after them! The extensive museum that surrounds them today has tons of information about the time they were used in, sending visitors back to ancient times with in depth tours. But it’s not just Roman history represented – for example, the Fashion Museum has over 100,000 pieces within its walls.

Architecture – Bath is also home to some wonderful architecture, with its stunning Georgian buildings being quite a sight to see. Some of the most impressive buildings include The Royal Crescent (an incredible row of terraced houses built between 1767 and 1774), Bath Abbey (founded in the 7th century and Pultney Bridge, which crosses the river Avon. In fact, owing to a combination of the ancient Baths and these (as well as many more) historic buildings, the entire city is a World Heritage Site!

Loads of theatre – There are venues and shows for all the family in the city’s various performance spaces. These include the Theatre Royal Bath, probably the biggest venue of them all, The Egg, which specialises in shows aimed at young people, the Old Theatre Royal and the Krowd Keepers.

Beautiful gardens – And if you’re in the mood to see nature at its best, there are multiple parks in the area to go for a wander in. Your best options are probably the Royal Victoria Park, Prior Park or Alexandra Park.

So as you can see from just these three examples of destinations across the country, there are a huge range of diverse places to holiday in the UK, all of which would make great trips in 2021. Whether you choose go to the Roman Baths, explore the City of Caves or experience the Anglesey coastline, you’re sure to have a fantastic experience.