Sending happy thoughts and gifts to commemorate the love and achievements of our friends and family doesn’t always need a special occasion; you can remind them anytime that they are on your mind and you care about them by presenting subtle, yet valuable tokens of appreciation and encouragement. When we think about a gift, the first picture that hits our minds is how we will choose something that available in the market; this is indeed a wise choice, but what if you can heighten its value just by adding a tinge of the priceless bond that you share or characteristics that you think to make your loved ones stand apart from the crowd. If you haven’t yet formed any definite idea in your mind, then here are a few options that would worthy of trying.

Customized t-shirts and caps

If you are looking for something that can be used almost daily by the receiver, then customized t-shirts and caps can be considered. You can print their pictures on the t-shirt or leave a significant message about what exactly defines your friend or family member. For the caps, you can either have designs printed on them or embroidered, which again is a unique gesture. Understandably, the customized t-shirts will not be the most appropriate choice when heading for a formal appointment, but if you think about it, you will see, this is the area where you can capitalize; saving the best for the best occasions!


Another trendy gifting option that is keeping up with the modern times is a piece of jewelry that has the metal drawn to the shape of a name; this can be of any form, a wrist band, a bracelet, a neckpiece or even earrings. You can have the name of the person that you will be gifting it to engraved on it so that they are glaring when one puts them on.

Personalized number plates

Yet another cool shot when you are looking for gift options, personalized license plates are the ones that should make to your list of “musts”. Who doesn’t like to drive about his car and then attach a few brownie points using a personalized number plate for it? We are sure everybody does. Use this opportunity and fulfill your friend’s desire that they can call their own and they will be flattered on receiving it. Getting a car number plate customized is not as difficult as one might think and moreover, you can have the designs and formats the way you want. You can either include their initials or some significant dates in their lives or combine both! There are many companies including PrimoRegistrations ( that will assist you to choose from an entire range of chic options.

Phone and passport covers

Two of the most useful components of recent times are the phone and passport covers. Make sure that when you are choosing to gift these, they are worthy of falling in love. The phone cover can have their picture or name printed on it, or might have a picture of the receiver’s best childhood memory, most liked superhero or their dearest pet; all of these work as equally superior options. in case of passport covers, subtle designs are more favorable; it can have their initials, a graffiti of all the countries traveled, or a distinctive color with a remarkable emblem attached to it.