Video content has exploded in every field of marketing and professionalism due to the ever-increasing consumption rates. Over 94% of consumers have increased their video consumption compared to last year.

The travel and tourism industry has also seen a lot of growth in recent years and is projected to grow even more.

This is why travelers should leverage the power of videos to grow their presence online. They can make promotional videos or other kinds of videos, as seen in the sections below. 

However, creating videos is not enough, as travelers must also know about video distribution. That is because distribution enhances the visibility and outreach of your business.

How to Create Quality Video Content? 

Creating quality video content should be the topmost priority for anyone looking to leverage the power of videos. Read on to learn more about creating compelling travel videos.

1. Work On Your Intro

People have become used to watching too many videos. In 2022, people have been predicted to watch 100 minutes per day of online videos. Once people consume videos in profusion, they become very pedantic.

If the video doesn’t appear engaging at the very onset, chances are they’ll skip the whole video. This is why intros are essential. You must create intriguing intros that can hook the audience from the start.

A unique way to make travel videos engaging is to present them in a storytelling format. But storytelling is totally depends on interpersonal communication skills. We all love listening to stories, we are intrigued by them, and a good plot to start with can make the entire video engaging.

Apart from these, you can work on adding different types of features to your video. Add animations, designs, a good soundtrack, and captivating sceneries.

2. Use  Professional Editing Software

Most videos that have exploded on social media have done so because of professional video editing. Video editors allow you to present your entire content in a very attractive manner.

A good blend of music with a captivating sight can change people’s moods instantly. Nowadays, you don’t need to buy pro-level software as many quality ones are available online.

Good software allows you to compensate for your sub-optimal editing skills. You can add multiple layers, colors, and sound effects. 

Now that we know the basics for quality video creation let’s delve deeper into what type of videos will lure in the audience.  

What Type of Videos to Produce?

Let’s take a quick look into what types of videos to produce.

1. How to Videos

There are a whole lot of people who might be confused and do not know how to go about making travel videos. If you are a professional adventurer, then you should consider making ‘how-to videos’, I mean, who doesn’t want to learn from experts?

Make videos that everyone finds useful, e.g., videos like how to choose the best travel sites, how to keep your travel budget-friendly, how to pick the best travel guide, etc. These videos will be informative, and at the same time, they will draw a lot of engagement as well.

Considering that 36.5% of people use social media to plan their travel destinations and get travel ideas, they will most likely look for some of these ‘how to videos’.

2. Testimonial videos

Marketers use testimonial videos to build trust in their customers. Its main aim is to promote videos via the customers’ actual experiences. This is a very tactical approach when it comes to video distribution.

For example, many travel bloggers are asked to promote travel destinations in their videos. Testimonial videos help you promote destinations, services, and products, which clears a lot of confusion from viewers’ minds.

The more information you provide in your video, the more internet traffic you generate on your travel website or social media accounts.

3. Best Of Videos

Another video type for generating huge engagements is to list the best options to look for before traveling. This can include best-of-destination sites not to miss, the best equipment to carry with you for mountain hiking, etc. Again, these videos are meant to attract audiences. The more audience you can gather, the more chances that your videos will get distributed all over the internet.

4. Promotional Videos

If you want to advertise your travel story or some holiday destinations, don’t forget to make promotional videos. Promotional videos are used widely by online marketers.

Who doesn’t want to promote their videos? But these types of videos are already present in profusion. If you want to catch some eyeballs, you must provide something that stands out.

You’ll have to be very precise with the content as well as with the target audience to whom you want to present your product.

5. Live Videos 

Unlike other video types listed above, live videos offer you a chance to interact with the audience in real time. It is a great way to boost engagement and learn about what your audience wants. Adventure travel professionals can go live from different travel destinations to keep their audience entertained. 

Let us now explore the importance of properly distributing your videos in the section below. 

Distribution Of Videos

Video distribution is not a complex procedure if you know your target audience and social media platform.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after google, with 69.8% of people using search engines to plan for their travel. This is why YouTube seems to be the top choice for 88% of marketers seeking to market their products.

In recent years Facebook and Instagram have emerged as other potential platforms that can distribute videos profusely. Let’s take a quick look into some key stats to learn about the importance of social media platforms as video distribution channels:

  • 68% of marketers have decided to include social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram in their marketing model.
  • With 2.9 billion total visits per month, Instagram is a leading tool for video distribution.
  • About 65% of marketers also chose Facebook for their marketing strategy.
  • When it comes to travelers, we have 30% of them see Facebook as the most effective way to target a new audience. On the other hand, 28% of them use Instagram for the same.

These apps also offer different features which can be used for posting short videos. If you want your videos to be well distributed, do link all accounts with each other. This will allow the distribution of audiences on all your social media accounts. 

Concluding Remarks

Video creation and distribution are not cakewalks, but the process is smoother if you know your goal and target.

Videos such as travel videos are always fun to watch. Additionally, if you are a business or brand owner, then you can make promotional videos to boost your following and build your brand identity.

They are more intriguing when they are edited well. The successful distribution of a video is highly contingent on its quality, so focus on making intricately creative videos and watch them do wonders.