Whales are probably the most fascinating creatures in the world. With their 20 tons and 95 feet of length, they are the biggest living organisms that ever lived on this planet. Even though they are huge, their elegant moving through the ocean waters is one of the most impressive sights you’ll ever experience. See some more whale facts on this link.

Alaska and Juneau are one of the most popular destinations for whale watching. The reason for this is the scenery and the waters that offer great fun for the whales. Of course, when we say fun, we mean feed. The waters around Alaska offer a real feast for whales of all kinds.

One of the residents in the waters of Juneau is the Humpback Whale. This kind loves the cold waters of the gulfs around this part of North America. The number of islands and peninsulas give the whales a playground that they obviously adore. That’s why people love coming to Juneau and ask for a tour that will give them a chance to see some of these amazing creatures.

Juneau, being the capital of Alaska and the biggest port in southern Alaska gives tourist the best opportunity for a great vacation. In this city, you can find a lot of tour operators that will take you to the sea. Most of them guarantee that you’ll see at least one whale enjoying the cold waters of the Pacific but the truth is you’ll probably see more than just one, so don’t worry about having an unsuccessful trip.

Typically, the tour operators tell you everything you need to know about the boat ride, but it’s good to know a few important things before you get there. One of them, and probably the best advice you can get is, to find an operator that is licensed and well equipped both by staff and with a boat. To save you from googling whale watching Juneau and getting some messed up results, just click on the highlighted link and see what a proper tour operator looks like.

The whale watching experience will certainly be one of the best of your life. In order to really make it an unforgettable experience, we’ll tell you some of the most important things that might surprise you. Even though adventure is fun, it’s best to be prepared for everything that might ruin the fun. Read on, and find out!

Dress for the occasion

The weather in Alaska is always cool and rainy. The chance of having showers is very high. When you add the fact that you’ll probably spend a lot of time on the water than you understand why it’s important to be dressed expecting rain even if there is none at the moment.

Always have a raincoat on you and don’t forget to dress in layers as the wind will also be your friend out there. You’re in the north, so don’t expect a lot of sun. You need a couple of shirts, some sweaters, and a jacket. On top of all this, the raincoat.

The camera is a must

The camera is a must

Of course, you should take a camera with you. This is a time when you’ll make some of the best pictures in your life. Also, it’s good to have a photo memory of this trip.

One thing you must know about your camera in Juneau is that you have to protect it at all times. No, not from thieves, but from the water. If you have no proper equipment, the rain and the sea waves might damage your expensive camera. Add some extra bucks into gear that will protect your photo shooting piece. Here’s a link to learn more about how to protect your camera: https://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/how-to-protect-your-camera-in-bad-weather/

Don’t go alone

If you’re one of those people that don’t really like company, you should know that it’s not smart to go whale watching alone. We respect your privacy but understand that this is wildlife and the weather is highly unpredictable. It’s better if you travel with an experienced tour guide.

If you still like going alone, make sure you leave your contact number with the authorities so they can contact you at any time.