Deciding which type of wedding transportation to choose can be confusing. But whichever type of transportation you opt to use, you want to be sure that you arrive to the wedding in style.

Many people choose to travel to their wedding destination in a limousine or classic car. It is vitally important to be sure that if choosing transportation for your wedding, that it is a professional and reliable company.

Listed below are some tips to follow when searching for the ideal transportation for your big day.

1. Never settle for the cheapest costing car without seeing it first. The cost may be cheaper because the car is a little under maintained, resulting in the possibility of it being unreliable. Always be sure that you view the car that will be turning up on your wedding day, not a car that is similar.

2. Don’t think that just because the car is a Rolls-Royce that it will be perfect, the quality of the car will depend on whether it has been looked after and the age of the car.

3. Always ask the car owner what would happen in the event of a breakdown on or before the day. Will the car owner or company have another car in reserve.

4. Be sure that the company or car owner has wedding hire insurance and public liability insurance cover.

5. Always ask if the car will be attending other weddings on that same day. If so, and there is a wedding before yours, what will happen if the previous wedding has been delayed. Also if there is another wedding before yours, then will the car be fully cleaned inside and out before collecting you and your wedding party.

6. If you are hiring just one car, ask if a trip to the church with the bridesmaids and brides mother would be included in the price.

7. If hiring a car from a car rental company, be sure that it is a reputable company. Just because a company has been established for may years doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a good reputation.

8. Always be sure that when choosing transport for your wedding day, that it has easy access for you in your wedding dress.

9. Ask the driver what he will be wearing. You wouldn’t want the driver to be dressed in just any old suit or normal day to day clothing.

Ask what would happen if for some reason you had to cancel the car service.

11. Be sure that the car owner or company knows how many people will be traveling in the car.

And always be sure to ask if there are any hidden extras. For example, champagne, decorations etc

Some people would prefer to choose a horse-drawn carriage and be swept away to and from the ceremony in great style and elegance. Many carriages can also transport up to nine persons at one time.

When choosing a horse-drawn carriage for the transportation on your wedding day, then many of the above also