With winter season creeping in and temperatures dripping, an urge to consume sweets is a natural occurrence. The halwas, rosogullas are always in demand in the winter months as not only they are yummy or tasty but they are known to keep you warm during the winter months. By now you might want to explore the various sweet dishes on offer and let us get to them


With the onset of winter, carrot is one vegetable that is readily available and the lip smacking gajarkahalwa is something you can hardly resist. Simply loved by many it is incorporated from grated carrots, khoya/ milk, blended with elachi, nuts or coconut powder as per your preferences. Nothing stands in comparison to gajarkahalwa and railway restaurant has it on their menu list.

Moongki dal kahalwa

The trend of using lots of ghee with a delicious taste and a pleasant aroma makes it the favourite of many. Yes to prepare this halwa is a time taking task, but the taste is worth all the effort. Since it has a long shelf life you can store it for a long time and even carry it wherever you go.


This is one of the must have sweet dishes in the winter months that is known to keep your body warm. It is full of taste and presents a unique flavour. It is incorporated with crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, jaggery, cardamom and lots of ghee. Simple the ladoos are hard to resist and is perfectly yummy.


With winter months hardly away all of us find it hard to resist the taste of delicious gajak. In fact there are various varieties of this sweet dish and it is formed from a blend of jaggery, peanuts, sesame seeds and more. Being delicious in taste, munching on them might make you crave for more.


This is a delight that is not only expected to be consumed by pregnant ladies or new mothers. In fact it is one of the sweetest and delicious sweet offering for someone craving for a sweet tooth. Formed from ghee, flour, elachi, edible gum, melon seeds it is one of the preferable and in demand treats.


A personal favourite of many of us, though it can be consumed at any time of the year, but winters are an apt time to feast on them. There is a definite logic of thought that they are known to taste better in winters. They are perfect to have in winters as they are soft, spongy and made of soft balls they are then dipped on to sugar syrup. The taste of the sweet dish is mystical.

These are some of the favourite sweet dishes that you can feast on the winter months. When you are travelling by Indian railways most trains might have at least one of them on their menu list. So order them at the earliest!