When it comes to the very popular Uluru Ayers Rock and the Kata Tjuta, which are both going to be located in what is known as the red center of Australia, they are both very remote and extremely isolated when it comes to their actual location.  Part of the Australian Outback and roughly 450km away from what you can consider to be the nearest city that is known as Alice Springs, these are some of the best national parks that Australia has to offer.  However, even though these areas are considered to be national parks, they are actually owned by the Anangu aboriginal people.

This is because back in the year 1985, in what is considered to be one of the most historic moments in Australia’s history, the ‘We’ people, or Anangu, were actually given back the lease to all of their native land and considered to be what is known as an ‘historical owner’.  They would then lease all of their newfound land right back to Parks Australia, which would in turn be managed as part of the national parks that Australia has to offer.  And in case you were wondering, both Australian law and Anangu law are observed in these areas so be sure to book now before this changes.

What You Must Do When Visiting Kata Tjuta and Uluru Ayers Rock

While at first glance it is not hard to think that Uluru only has one thing to offer, that being a giant, beautiful red rock that will give you the opportunity to take some amazing selfies.  However, once you get there, there is actually going to be much more to do than you may think.

  • Climb Uluru

For starters, one of the more popular things you can do while visiting Uluru (though not necessarily for everyone), is to actually climb it.  While it is discouraged by the Anangu people, they have decided that you can make your own choices and if you wish to climb this Australian national monument, you are free to do so.  The reason that they discourage the climbing of the rock is because it is a spiritual journey in their eyes.  But again, if you wish to climb it, they will not try to stop you.  However, just know that since this has become an option, there have been over 30 people who have died trying to attempt this particular climb.  This is due to the very steep sides and the climber only having a rope that is below their waste level while on their way up.

  • Visit Kings Canyon

While it is going to be a day trip to get there, Kings Canyon is a giant canyon that runs from Alice Springs, all the way to the Uluru.  Once there, you can enjoy several different walks and hikes depending upon what you are looking to do.

While these are only a couple of the possible tours that you can choose to take while visiting Uluru, by simply planning ahead and scheduling out your trip, you will be able to turn it into a once in a lifetime adventure.