Sunway Lagoon is the most fun amusement park in malaysia with its mix of water parks and dry amusement park plus a wildlife park! This article provides you with all that you need to know about Sunway Lagoon and what they have to offer to their visitors.

About Sunway Lagoon, opening hours, where to buy a ticket, and the best time to visit

Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia is in Bandar Sunway. It launched in 1993 and has over 90 attractions today. The lagoon consists of 6 parks, 4 of which are dry parks and 2 water parks, it is also interconnected with 3 hotels and a large shopping complex offering convenience to its patrons. The lagoon opens daily from 10 am to 6 pm and you can buy tickets from their official website or their door. Check for the public holidays in Malaysia to plan your trip to Sunway Lagoon. The theme park divides into 6 park categories:

  • Amusement park – If you are not so much into the water park, Sunway Lagoon’s amusement park offers as much excitement for its patrons. Their adventures are the absolute heart-stoppers!
  • Scream Park – When you step into Scream Park’s horror house – fear is the name of the game! You are about to witness and experience real-time a 20-minute tour of the multi-level haunted house inspired by your favorite horror favorites.
  • Water park – If you are keen on water sports and activities, Sunway Lagoon’s water park offers the best for you! Individuals of any age, both young and adult can enjoy the world’s highest, largest, and most thrilling water ride of the Vuvuzela where you will get twisted and turned your way into a dizzying high.
  • Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon – The newest feature of Sunway Lagoon that opened last February 2016! It has over 12 rides and attractions and is the first Nickelodeon Themed Land of Asia with SpongeBob Splash adventure to get you slimed every 4 pm daily.
  • Wildlife park – Have a great day with over 150 species of animals from the world saying hello to you at Sunway’s Lagoon Wildlife park. Get up close and even have a personal interaction with them at the petting zoo leaving you speechless of how amazing they are in person.
  • Extreme Park – Good for adrenaline junkies and thrill adventure seekers as the park offers you hair-raising and gripping activities. Sure you’ll get your dose of thrills at the park, hence, take note that the park is the only park in Sunway Lagoon that will charge you for some rides and activities, so get your pennies ready.

The Sunway Lagoon offers the utmost convenience for their customers through facilities such as The Lagoon Express, Lockers, Rentals, and their amazing deposit able wristbands! Get your sunblock ready and bring with you your money for your souvenirs. Stick to an outfit you feel comfortable to wear and although no outside foods are being allowed inside the park, there are affordable picks at the park. Enjoy your stay!