Are you planning a road trip for your family in search of an adventure vacation and dreading it? You may not be bush walking in Australia or scaling the heights of the Himalayas, but don’t you think navigating big city streets, hauling around children’s gear, and navigating yourself successfully to your next destination qualifies as being an adventure vacation?

Well, if you want to leave the adventure to the actual activities, not to the modes and means of transportation or getting yourself and your entire family ready for the day, may I suggest a stress free travel packing tip that will allow you to actually enjoy your vacation instead of being too pooped for the vigorous adventure itself?

Road trips usually mean you are 1) Seeing as many sites as you can that are scattered along your general route and doing so in a small window of time or 2) Foregoing a plane ticket and driving like mad to a single destination to enjoy the sights/ sounds at that location.

To make your venture easier, here is my packing tip for keeping stress to a minimum. Minimize your luggage! If you are traveling by car and want an easy way to pack, only pack four suitcases maximum. This can apply whether you have 0 children traveling or toting five. You may wonder how this can be done. Let me tell you how you can achieve this insurmountable task.

Pack all your needs for a day into one suitcase. That way, you only have to pull out one piece of luggage per day versus hauling 5 pieces of luggage in and out of hotels. You may laugh and wonder how in the world this can be done, especially if you have many girls in your family. So, try this. Make a nighttime bag that holds everyone’s pajamas, makeup, toothbrushes, curling irons, and swimsuits (yes, you will go swimming nightly at your hotel). That way, if you really think you can wear the same clothes the next day you can get away with it and only have to take one bag into your hotel. Each additional suitcase will hold a change of clothes and undergarments for all family members for one day. If there are less of you, you can fit two days into one suitcase or duffel bag, or use smaller bags.

If you are planning to have to dress up for a special occasion, let’s say you are road tripping to a wedding, place all formal dresses and suits into one garment bag. No more, “I can’t find the pants that match my suit coat,” or your little prince asking you with a confused expression, “…church clothes? We were supposed to bring that?”

Moms, I know this may seem a monumental project for you to oversee, as we all know it will inevitably be your job to get it done. So, envision this script: “What do you want to wear on Tuesday? Everyone, bring me one outfit and undies!” Dad has to follow this order too. And you gloriously get to see several pairs of clothes float into your bag. If you are extra organized, give everyone a grocery sack, sharpie their name on it, have them put one daily outfit into it, and then it disappears into the suitcase. If you have the number of clothes-filled grocery sacks that match your prospective party – you have mastered packing the luggage for that day.

Yikes, what if you are leaving for more than four days? Easy! Once getting to the 4th day’s suitcase, make a quick trip to the Laundromat either supplied by your relatives, hotel, or neighborhood. In a worst case scenario, you might have to break out the extra suitcase a day early because some sticky fingers spoiled your shirt and pants. Then, you can wash an outfit in the shower with yourself in it, and then let it hang to dry for use the next day!

With little effort on your part, packing the luggage for an entire family can be easy, and save your back from loads of strain. Remember, the distance traveled back and forth between your car and hotel should not exceed the distance traveled during your vacation!

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