Travel Insurance may or may not sound exciting to people because often we fail to realize its importance in our lives. Even if you are a punctual human being who never misses his flight, is supposed to have travel insurance for all the other possible reasons. Yes, it adds to the expenses, and that’s the reason why travellers choose to ignore it. But what else we choose to ignore is the number of incentives that comes with it. If you are seeking the best Travel insurance policies, then compare it online, and don’t miss on applying the Cover-More promo codes while buying.

Here are some reasons explaining why we should all buy travel insurance and how it helps make terrible situations better: –

  • The urgent need to cancel the trip: What if a day before your travel date, you are feeling sick or you met with an accident? This is the reason why one should always check in the travel insurance box while booking the tickets. As then you will be eligible for a full refund on ticket charges.
  • For when your flight or train has been cancelled: It can anytime happen that the flight or train you were supposed to board got cancelled for some reason. In situations like this, your trip interruption coverage will be done by refunding the whole ticket amount or by arranging a new flight or by providing a comfortable stay in some hotel.
  • If your luggage is misplaced or lost: Sometimes, it does happen with passengers that their baggage has been misplaced or gets lost by the airline. So, in such cases travel insurance helps to cover as much cost as possible so that there is not too much of loss on your part.
  • Hospital stays: This is something that the majority of us don’t know that you can exercise your travel insurance at foreign hospitals for medical purposes. Most of the times the health insurance policies are not widely accepted everywhere; during that time the right travel coverage can save you from paying too much charges.
  • Damaged destinations: Due to weather changes, it may happen that all airport facilities have been shut down temporarily. For people who have a pre-planned trip, it may become a problem because you have your hotels, transportation and rest things pre-booked. This is when you feel the need for travel insurance, it can cover these charges for you and help in the arrangement of better facilities.
  • Returns: At times people have to face situations where they have to fly back to their source destination and cancel the rest of the trip that lies ahead. In such cases, the airline usually charges for the whole trip including the cancellation charges but if you have the right travel insurance then you can save your pocket, or the travel insurance reimburses those fees for you.
  • Airlifts: Situations where an emergency arises and there is this need for you to be flown to a nearby hospital or safe zone, then travel insurance is the only body that can help to the maximum. Because airlifts are costly, and the helicopter charges can cost you more than a thousand dollars. Travel insurance covers these types of costs.
  • Work-related issue: If you want to cancel your flight because your business meeting came along with, for example, you were supposed to finish the business trip by two days, and it further got stretched for another two days. In situations like this, you need the right coverage of insurance that can cover your charges for work-related reasons.
  • Loss of Life: What if you and your partner have a vacation planned next month, and he/she passes away before the departure? With the help of Travel insurance, you can cancel or postpone your vacation as and when necessary.
  • The occurrence of terrorist events: Travel insurance also includes terrorism coverage owing to which you can cancel your trip without losing any money at all.
  • Injury during the trip: While you are on your trip be it hiking, mountaineering or anything, and you get injured or sick then you can get a good number of facilities. Right from medical to transportation, travel insurance will include everything. Quick and emergency medical care, the assistance of luggage, transportation to nearest medical care or hotel or the airport, literally everything is included in the Travel Insurance.

There are other benefits to add to the list too, all of which state the very fact that buying Travel insurance is yet indeed necessary.