When speaking of Jaipur, Hawa Mahal is one of the most visited places. The architectural monument is also a famous palace of wind and is known for its magnificence and beauty. The palace was originally built in 1799 by the Late Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh.

The Rajputs styled palace can be visited in Jaipur as it is open for all visitors alike. In this article, we shall provide details related to travel tips.

Best travel tips for travelers

The place should be best visited early in the mornings as there is a lot that has to be seen here. During the day time, you may find that it easily gets crowded by many visitors.  The place also encloses Jaipur’s best museum that holds all valuables that belonged to the Maharaja.

The only point that you have to keep in mind is that the museum is closed on Fridays. So if you want to visit the Hawa Mahal, then it is obvious that you may have to plan.

The moment you are planning to visit the Hawa Mahal, you should ensure that you wear comfortable shoes and clothes as you may have to spend hours here at the museum. There are also several stairs that you may have to climb at the Mahal to get to the top. Apart from this the walls at the Mahal also offer low getaways to the corridors.

When walking, you have to be alert and careful as water may not be available inside the museum, so you have to carry it along with you.

What to do in Hawa Mahal?

There are many things that can be done during your visit to the Hawa Mahal. One of the most important activities at Hawa Mahal is shopping as there are several small and big local shops here. Many stalls sell all types of fabric and artifacts. You can look around for handicraft goods, handbags, wall decorative, clothes, memorabilia and much more.

Avoid spending over money as everything sold here are bit more expensive. You always have an opportunity to bargain your best with the local shop keepers, so never miss your chance if you can bargain.

Enjoy local food cuisine

Hawa Mahal is a place that is also known for some of the best food tastes and delights. There are several restaurants that are located in that place. You can enjoy your food at the Rajwadi restaurant, Carnot Mahal, Kulfi Center, Venus hotel, Art Café, Midtowns and Jain Patang Udyog.

Best time to visit Hawal Mahal

For visitors, it is obvious that any time is best time to visit this place. But you need to keep in mind that the palace is closed on Fridays and so should be avoided on this day. On regular days you can easily visit the Hawa Mahal from mornings 9:0 AM to around 4:30 PM. Late nights or evenings may never be right time to visit this place.

Visitor’s entry fee

The fee structure may certainly vary for local travelers and foreign country nationals. So if you are an Indian then it is certain that you may only have to pay around INR 20. If you come from foreign country then you may have to invest around INR 50.

In case you want to visit this place for two days in a row, then you can also buy the composite ticket that is valid for around two days in a row. To get this ticket you may have to invest around INR 300 if you come from other parts of India while INR 1000 for foreign nationals.

To reach till Hawa Mahal, you can always hire a local taxi from the city center. Auto rickshaw and local bus rides are also available.

Indian Railways also run other luxury trains like Golden Chariot train which offers world-class amenities onboard the train.