China is becoming a major tourist hotspot. Just make sure when you visit the country that you go at the right time of year. It can get bitterly cold and for those looking for heated summer vacation will be disappointed when they arrive with their shorts and t-shirts. Believe me, it is surprising how many people assume China is always hot. In this article, we will look at some of the top things to do and give you some advice to make sure you thoroughly enjoy your trip to China.

  1. Visit the Great Wall of China

The wall can apparently be seen from space. It is a series of fortifications built to protect China from its ancient enemies. The wall stretches some 12,196 kilometres, which is a staggering 13,170 miles. It took some effort building this wall and if you plan to walk the entire wall, then you are going to have your work cut out for you. Some people have walked it camping along the way, while others have hired mountain bikes. You can see more on the travelchinaguide website.

  1. Visit Macau

There are plenty of internal flights within China to some of the country’s most extravagant locations. If it is sun, sand, resorts, gambling and partying you are looking for, then Macau has it all. It is the Las Vegas of the East and in actual fact the capital of casinos. More money is spent in Macau then Las Vegas each year according to recent statistics. Macau also has a plethora of family activities, theme parks, and other tourists’ attractions. In fact, there is so much to so there, that you may need to plan a full 2-week holiday there.

  1. Visit Hong Kong

Another one of China’s most prestigious territories Hong Kong. The ex-British colony still has all the characteristics of Britain about it such as road signs and markings, busses, and a mix of Chinese culture. The Chinese in Hong Kong is very different from the Chinese you will meet in the rest of the country because of their English heritage. Hong has so many great places to visit for family visits, partying, and most importantly of all the city is filled with some of the best Chinese restaurants in the world.

  1. Make sure you are well-prepared

Make sure you get the correct travel insurance and check which hospital you are covered. Some hospitals have been known to refuse or not help with insurance claims. In fact, they don’t even ask you if you are insured then slap with a big bill. In the meantime, they have claimed the insurance details you gave them after you are forced to pay with your own cash.

You should also make sure that have a good VPN. The best one that works in China is Polski Netflix za granicą. You will need to use Google translate to get the offer. This will allow you to make Google searches and get on Facebook because both are not available via local Chinese Wi-Fi systems. Also, there has been a lot of internet fraud targeting tourists on public Wi-Fi routers so the VPN will guarantee that you are safe from fraud thanks to its encryption.

Always make sure that you pack your luggage yourself. On top of this, any gifts that you have purchased or been given by friends you met in China, make sure you check them thoroughly. You do not want to run into any issues with customs on your way out of the country.


China is a very safe place to visit, but at the same time as with any country, you have to have your wits about you. There are plenty of people looking to pull a scam on you. However, if you stick places like Hong Kong and Macau, you can let your hair down a bit more because these places are already full of foreigners, but still, come with plenty of people trying to rip off tourists.

As for the Great Wall of China, this is certainly a must see attraction!