The charm of the island of Bali as a romantic place is already unquestionable. Rows of beautiful beaches to the green nature and culture is not uncommon to make up the archipelago foreign traveler attracted to come back.

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts has just fallen in love with Bali after starring in the movie Eat Pray Love the shooting took place in Bali. That’s just one, there are many other celebrities who claim to fall in love with Bali.

For a romantic tourist attractions, you can see the sunset together sweetheart at Tanah Lot or watch Kecak performances at Uluwatu. If you want to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of both, can also play to the northern area of Ubud and Bali.

If looking for a beach, you can also play to one of three Nusa by boat from Sanur Beach.

  1. Santorini, Greece

Discuss Greece, must not be separated from Santorini is super romantic. Rows of houses with blue and white contours uphill, as well as background Sea at sunset Crete is very hypnotic beauty.

The traveler who came to Santorini will also be pampered with food very fresh and delicious. Enjoying the beauty of Santorini while eating and drinking wine also adds to the romantic atmosphere.

If you are looking for a romantic island honeymoon, Santorini in Greece could be one of the best place recommendations.

  1. Maldives

Renowned as one of the favorite destinations of the celebrity world, the Maldives is also one romantic island destinations. Barisan resort and inn standing on the sea became coveted view of the traveler.

From the inn just a traveler can directly see the clear water and fish passing. Not to mention the view Surise until sunset that you can enjoy directly from the window. It was perfect!

If you and your partner both love the sea, the Maldives certainly can be one of the favorite island destinations. Many resorts to choose from, each located in the atolls (coral clusters).

  1. Harbour Island, Bahamas

Among traveler lovers of the island, the name of the Bahamas in the Caribbean would have been famous. Its popularity can be equated with Bali or Hawaii in the US. One considerable favorite in adaah Bahamas Harbour Island.

Uniquely, Harbour Island also has pink beaches like in Indonesia. Moreover, it can be found also the British colonial legacy of colonial buildings that further enhance the island.

  1. Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

Besides Maldives, Bora-Bora in French Polynesia is also touted as one of the island dream upscale celebrity. Romance and beauty of Bora-Bora has made Paris Hilton to Kim Kardashian to come on holiday there.

The bungalows on the water clear and clean the hallmark of Bora-Bora. Right in the middle there is also a gallant Mount Otemanu. If you want a honeymoon, Bora-Bora is also a destination that is certainly romantic.

Not to mention the beauty of the coral reefs are colorful and charming. Honeymoon while snorkeling, why not?