Spain is a vibrant and exciting country with cheery people and great weather. The cities are full of culture and color, giving you an experience of a lifetime. The popularly known cities around the world are Madrid and Barcelona, but there are other beautiful ones as you will see in this article. Spain offers a unique experience for those who seek breathtaking views and adventures. There are medieval cities with so much history to learn. Take some time off and get some of the best holiday deals to visit Spain’s beautiful cities. The place is diverse and dynamic with its own pace of life. These are the top 5 cities you must explore.

  1. Madrid

It is the capital city of Spain and the perfect destination for a European weekend getaway. Madrid is a beautiful and classy city with stunning architecture and well-trimmed gardens to match. If art makes you tick, then you must visit the place. The Prado brims with spectacular works of art from the 12th Century. It is what drives art enthusiasts from all over the world to flock in Madrid. Buen Retiro Park has exquisite water fountains and well-maintained greenery that is quite captivating to tourists and locals alike. It is a peaceful place to escape the busy side of the city.

  1. Barcelona

It is the second-largest city in Spain, in the Catalunya region. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, diverse in culture and history within a modern space. Vibrant in color, it offers the best sites for Instagram worthy moments with photogenic views for your portfolio. Watch the Barcelona FC boys sweat it out in Camp Nou for football fanatics. The nightlife in the city is one to remember. If you’re a party animal then Barcelona will leave you dancing till daylight breaks.

  1. Valencia

The city if full of culture and art. There is an international airport that has flights to other European regions and domestic ones as well. It is a coastal city with stunning beaches. They attract lots of tourists during the summer, and the warm weather goes into the autumn months.

  1. Seville

It is the capital city of the Andalusia region and the third-largest city in Spain. The classical flamenco dance has its roots here. They offer to train anyone interested in how to bust those moves. Go over to Triana, watch, and learn. It is also home to the Alcazar Castle complex which has so much history to offer from the Moorish Almohad Dynasty. Another tourist attraction in Seville is the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza. It is a bull ring where a man fought beast for hundreds of years as the ultimate test of strength and bravery.

  1. Grenada

It offers the ultimate authentic Spanish experience. Enjoy amazing views of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada Mountains. Explore the foothills of the Sierra Nevada to enjoy some clean and head back to the city in time for the BoogaClub nightlife.

You don’t have to break a bank to visit Spain’s beautiful cities when there are fantastic holiday deals to grab. Everyone deserves some time off their busy life to enjoy the beauty in the world.