British people are known as couch potatoes throughout Europe, as we don’t exercise a lot and we are becoming increasingly overweight. However, there is an answer at hand and it comes in the guise of a cycling holiday. The typical British holiday is all about eating, drinking and trying to have fun. However, most British holiday makers complain that when they return from their vacation that they are exhausted. Many suggest that they need an additional holiday to get over the holiday they just had. There is a better way to have fun, but also to feel healthy and that involves booking you and your family on a cycling holiday around the UK.

You Get To Explore.

As cycling gets more and more popular in the UK, more and more holiday companies here are adding new destinations all the time. You can book a cycling holiday from Hooked On Cycling for example, who have arranged some of the best cycling holidays around. You get to cycle around the beautiful countryside of the UK and take in new and exciting things that you have probably never seen before. Cycling holidays are easy to take part in and you get to go to places, that a car just can’t go to. There are many country lanes in the UK that have many interesting things at the end of them and the only way to get to them is by foot or bike.

Many Benefits.

When you choose your destination, your cycling holiday company will arrange everything else for you. When you arrive, they will have already set up your bike to your specifications and they will supply all the necessary equipment you need to feel comfortable and to keep you and your family safe. They will provide gloves, helmets and of course a map to get you started on the cycling holiday of a lifetime. You and your family are then free to go exploring around the town or city or right into the countryside. You get to choose what you want to go look at and experience, and this great sense of freedom is something to really cherish.

Take An Adventure.

You will remember every cycling holiday you have ever been on. You get to explore the places that other people don’t get to go to and you get to meet the real people of the UK. If you are driving around in a car or bus, you don’t get to stop and chat and find out what the locals are really like. When you chat to them, you get to find out some real gems to visit, that you won’t find in any tourist guide or map. In a bus, you might see a roadside stall or a restaurant that you would like to stop at but it isn’t on the itinerary. On your bike, you can stop where you want and taste some of the local culinary delights.

Cycling holidays are the new popular thing in the UK. They are affordable and are a great way to bring all your family together and to go on an adventure throughout the UK.