The Best Phone for Traveling Abroad Award goes to…. Well now, that depends entirely on your needs. We can tell you the best company to get your phone from, but which phone exactly will enhance your travels the most depends on what you need.

Are you looking for a tablet that can serve as a miniature computer as well as a phone? Check out Samsung’s tablets that are chockfull of great features and apps. Or does carrying around a big tablet worry you and you want the smallest device you can find? You never know while traveling, sometimes less is more.

Of course, many will vote for the iPhone as the classic device loved by millions. iPhones are useful, but keep in mind that they can break like any phone, and are expensive and difficult to repair, especially when abroad and away from the convenience of your local shop.

When you are planning a trip abroad, the most important thing to look for is a reliable service provider that will support you, no matter what you are going through. For that reason, you should consider none other than the best. T-Mobile is offering incredible service right now.

What is more, T-Mobile has some of the best deals on new phones and tablets. If you are looking for great devices at great prices, you should definitely check out T-Mobile’s new partnership with Groupon. T-Mobile and Groupon have partnered to offer some of the most amazing deals you have ever seen.

Right now, T-Mobile is offering a Family Plan including four separate lines with 6 GB of data for only $150/mo. That breaks down to around $35/mo- that is an unbeatable price (it definitely beats my $50/mo- what am I doing typing this when I could be saving cash by switching over to T-Mobile??). As well, T-Mobile offers great cash discounts, like $75 off Samsung Galaxy Note 4s and so many other devices.

If you are looking for the best phone, you really need to do some thinking about what kind of device fits your needs best. If you are looking for the best phone service provider, the answer is right in front of you.