Traveling is a favorite activity enjoyed by many Mormon families. LDS churches often organize trips for the members, and travel time is treated as an opportunity for families to bond and get closer together. There are many travel destinations of interest to Mormons. Even though there is no pilgrimage religion associated with the ritual, it can be a rejuvenating experience to visit a site that is connected to Mormon history or Jesus Christ. If you are planning your next trip, here are some popular Mormon travel sites that you can certainly look into:

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah

Needless to say, Salt Lake City serves as a sort of capital of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Utah has lots of attractions for Mormons, who flock here from all over the country to experience the historic origins of the religion brought to Utah by Brigham Young more than a hundred years ago. Today, your family can participate in the Mormon Trail to enjoy many of the associated sites, aside from the famous Salt Lake City Temple. Here are just a handful of the many things scattered all over Utah, and not just in Temple Square:

  • Mormon Battalion Monument. It is right in the middle of Capitol Square is a monument to the brave Mormon soldiers who fought in the Mexican-American War, serving as a poignant reminder of Mormon contribution to the country.
  • Salt Lake Cemetery and LDS Hospital. The Salt Lake Cemetery is behind the LDS hospital, and here lie the bodies of nine presidents of the Mormon Church. It is a beautiful site worth a visit. 
  • Daughters of the Utah Pioneers’ Museum. It is a large museum filled with pioneer Mormon memorabilia and history.
  1. Sacred Grove and Smith Family Farm

Location in Palmyra, upstate New York, is the historic farm where the pioneer family of Joseph Smith experienced many spiritual connections to Jesus Christ. It is also believed to be the place where he appeared. The Smith Farm has now been purchased by the Church and restored. It is a beautiful, historic home, which leads to the Sacred Grove—the very place Joseph Smith was lost in prayers when the Lord appeared to him. You, too, can pray and ponder the beauty of Jesus in this quiet woodland.

  1. Nauvoo, Illinois

This is a place loaded with history for Mormons, both for the Nauvoo Temple and Carthage Jail. This place plays an important role in the writing and revelation of this religion. You can take a few days to visit all the sites, spend time praying at the temple, and visit Carthage Jail, where Joseph Smith and his brother breathed their last. In summer, there are also pageants that you can take part in.

These are just some of the most famous places that all Mormons should visit in their lifetime. For those who love to travel, there are many more that have facilities and food that caters to Mormons. Traveling is a great way to strengthen your connection with God and Jesus Christ.