Besides being one of the main things to see in Rome, we can say that the Pantheon was also our home during our stay (by the way, a practical advice, if you manage to stay in these parts you should know that the area is perfect, comfortable and strategic to visit many other attractions. Perhaps it is not very cheap but on Booking there is always some interesting offer. End of practical advice).

Compared to the immensity of some of the most famous and important Roman squares, the one in the Pantheon almost looks like a little hole; but, we will tell you, it is one of the places in the capital that we have heard more than mine. It will be that for three days we have passed and passed at all hours of the day and evening to return.

Small, collected but teeming with life and liveliness. The buildings that surround it, at times almost old, almost decadent, are beautiful. Many bars and people (especially young people) who stop at any time for a break or a photograph. And the performance of some street artists never fails. A very precious microcosm in which to stop and let time flow. For the Family and Kids Rome Tour the deals are perfect now.

The Trevi Fountain

Visiting Rome and not spending two hundred times from the Trevi Fountain to try to surprise it in its magnificent entirety without too many people around is unthinkable. As unfortunately it is unthinkable to be able to find it without too many people around. We tried to reach her late at night but it was like noon. Finding a corner that was all for me (and for my camera) was an impossible mission. With or without tourists, however, that magnificent wholeness is still impossible to dent.

Piazza Di Spagna

The main element of Piazza di Spagna, in my opinion, is the long baroque staircase that leads to the church of Trinità dei Monti. It ismore than the square itself, more than the church. Because at every step you take, whether up or down, you see a new perspective, a different Rome, a corner that you hadn’t yet seen with your eyes.

As for the Trevi Fountain, also Piazza di Spagna is one of the stops that cannot miss among the suggestions on what to visit in Rome. Just keep in mind that, as for the Fountain, the speech is worth it is really almost impossible that you can enjoy its beauty in your solitude and in absolute silence. In these parts you will meet your fellow tourists more or less at all hours.

Villa Borghese

In an itinerary of Rome in three days, Villa Borghese can represent your well-deserved moment of pause from the city, of almost silence and relaxation in contact with nature (first of all with the seagulls, who will nevertheless make you feel their presence in every corner of the capital).