People who already experienced a group tour are well-aware just how important a tour guide is to them when it comes to putting success on their entire trip.

A good tour guide is the one who elevates and levels up your entire experience by making memorable moments while you walk through historic, scenic and beautiful places which will surely make you want to return while a poor tour guide does the complete opposite where they usually neglect their guests.

So, what are the qualities of a good tour guide? According to the best walk & tour company in Tasmania, based on their experience as an established touring company in Australia, these what makes a good tour guide.

  1. Very patient with their guests– What makes a good tour guide is they are very patient regardless of how annoying their guests are. They will gamely answer their guests’ questions even though it was repeated multiple times which does not completely bother them at all. They will be showing great enthusiasm and energy that is infectious to everyone in the touring group.
  2. Very good in dealing with difficult people– A lot of times, tour guides have to deal with difficult people or guests who are simply misbehaving or do not follow the rules they imposed while touring. A good tour guide knows how to tame these people in the group and deal with them by keeping the rest of the group safe and enjoying their tour.
  3. Empathic towards their guests– Their sense is always on to feel the entire group. They will make sure that their guests are at ease and assures everyone that they are completely safe and they should be enjoying their tour the entire day.
  4. Charismatic attitude– Considering that tour groups only have one tour guide assigned, the tour guide should be charismatic towards their guests. Charismatic in a way that the tour guide’s guests easily trust them and listen to them easily without hesitating and most of all the tour guide’s charisma should be the source of entertainment which usually breaks the ice of the tour group during long travels in a bus according to the best Walks & Tours In Tasmania.
  5. Knowledgeable about the place– Aside from charisma, the tour guide should know the stuff and the place they are visiting and touring into so that their guests will be going home educated and well-informed of the place they have visited. They should know what exactly they are talking about facts, figures and everything that the tour will be shown.
  6. Good at building communication– A good tour guide is the one who is both charismatic and knowledgeable who has the ability to interact with his or her guests easily. A good tour guide does not necessarily have to be good at foreign languages to establish good communication with their guests, but they should be good at interacting with them by letting their guests know that they care for them so that they can easily understand each other.