Australia offers a plethora of opportunities for some amazing road trips. Every citizen dreams to explore the country or just take some time off and set out on an adventure in an RV, campervan, or a motorhome. In today’s day and age, it’s no longer mandatory to travel with a bunch of paper maps because our phones have the potential to the most versatile camping tool and guide. The following list of mobile applications can help you navigate with utter ease while you drive around the town. The technological advances can help you plan out a perfect getaway and handle all the aspects like searching for appropriate campsites around Adelaide or booking a rental campervan in Melbourne.

  1. Camping Checklist

The reason why this app is on the top of the list is that more often than not we realize that we have managed to forget one or the other essential item back home. This app helps you create a checklist of all the items that you need to carry. It ensures that you never feel the dreadful situation of missing an essential gear by offering customizable gear lists that can keep you organized.

  1. CamperMate Australia and WikiCamps

So the two apps are tied for the spot of the app that guides you to find the perfect campsite where you can rest or participate in several fun camping activities. They can also locate roadside rest areas, campervan parks, and most importantly, spots that provide wi-fi. The databases are updated constantly according to the information provided by the users which is a great way to verify the authenticity of the information in the app.

  1. Fuel Map Australia

This is another important application to have when setting out on a road trip. If you hire a campervan rental, make sure that you enquire about its features and fuel consumption. The vehicle that you travel in will need refueling and this app help locate the nearest stations. The app also features fuel log functionality which helps you keep track of how much you spend on the fuel as well as your campervan’s fuel economy.

  1. Willy Weather

Another beautiful application with an extremely intuitive layout. This app will make your life a whole lot easier by showing temperatures, forecasts, UV, sunrise, moon, wind, tides, swell, and rain radars al wrapped up in a neat and tidy manner. It is available on all the major app stores like Google and Apple. The app is appropriate for travelers who want to be fully conscious of the weather to dodge the summer months and ideal for photographers who are looking for perfect shots.

  1. Mad Paws

Now this one is an interesting app and has made a special entry on the list. I was thinking about all the needs and requirements that we usually face on a camper trip and whether there are applications that help us meet them. One unusual requirement that arises if you own a pet. Several campsites often refuse to house a pet and Mad Paws offers a solution to this problem by locating affordable pet sitters as well as pet-friendly accommodations.

  1. First Aid and Australian Bites and Stings

Lastly, we have another tie because both of these apps prove to be useful in case of health emergencies. First Aid is an app by the Australian Red Cross that helps you in case you meet an accident or suffer from some health issues. All the rental campervans and RVs are supposed to house first aid kits and you should not forget to carry some handy first aid equipment as well. This app guides you on how you can relieve some pain until more help can arrive. The other app is essential in a country like Australia which is full of venomous creatures and helps you figures out a solution if you get bitten or stung by any animal or insect.