If you are craving for a succulent meal, there is one thing that comes to mind – Smokehouse Restaurant, Bar & Grill Melbourne or barbeque. Barbeque tastes good because of the process of marinating, caramelisation, and smoking. Ultimately, barbeques are so satisfying because of the seasoning that accentuates the flavor profiles.

Eating barbeque is not rocket science but if you want to enhance your experience, here are some tips that you need to consider:

Keep it balanced

If you are going to a barbeque joint, you need to keep it balanced. For instance, when you are eating beef, you should stay away from fatty sides and if you are going for brisket, pick sides like coleslaw or pickles. If you are going to have fatty beef, mac and cheese are not ideal.

Unbalanced food choices are a common mistake. If you do not want to detest whatever you ate, you need to think about keeping your meat and sides balanced. In general, you need a little light and a little heavy.

Decide to dip or not to dip

If you are after minimising calorie and sugar intake, you should consider Texas barbeque. In a Texas barbeque, it only uses salt and pepper as seasoning. As much as possible, you should avoid barbeque eaten with a sauce because it will distort the original flavor.

Choose sides wisely

When it comes to choosing sides, it is a matter of finding the right one that is worth your stomach space. With this, it is important that you know which sides are great with a certain barbeque.  For brisket, potato salad and brown beans are perfect. If you want to go a little lighter, you can consider good coleslaw.

In general, it is safe to order at least one green side and then a more indulgent one. However, there are times that an aggressive choice of a side can be justified like hash and rice. In the end, you should go for a healthier choice.

Know about drinks pairing

You associate barbeque with beer or bourbon but you have to know that its greatest pair is wine. When you come to a Michelin star restaurant and order beef, you pair it with red wine. The same goes for the barbeque. Wine will not make you bloat because it is much lighter compared to beers.

So, how to tell if the restaurant is good?

The next time you visit a Smokehouse Restaurant, it is a must to ensure that you enjoy every moment but how do you know if the restaurant is good before you enter? You should look around and try to find or smell wood. If there is no wood around, it means the restaurant is likely using gas. Gas smokers typically produce harsher smoke flavor, which will trigger burping up smoke all day.

Final words

Many people love barbeque because it offers an explosion of flavors not to mention satisfying scents. Whatever you are craving for, just know there is a restaurant that will cater to your needs – you just need to know where to go and how to enhance your experience.