Many students from countries with a lower standard are wishing to study in the US, but it is becoming harder to get the visa. Some of the best in the world in a certain subject will get a scholarship, but that is just a minority. Others are trying through working over the summer through a student visa, but even then many of them fail. There is always a certain number that will be able to go to the US.

The overall process can take a long time to finish, and it depends on each consulate or embassy. It is a great way for travelling America and learning new things. It’s also important that you prepare on time, so get all the needed information five to six months in advance. This way you won’t have any time issues and the chance will be higher if you finish everything on time.

SEVP-approved Institution

The most important thing when you are looking for the opportunity to study abroad is the SEVP or Student and Exchange Visitor Program. The institution you have chosen needs to be accredited by this program. It is essential because your degree will be recognized in the US and potentially worldwide. Only these institutions will be in the system which can provide you with the documents needed to apply for the visa.

You have to decide in advance where you want to go and apply. When you get accepted, you will get a Form I-20 document which you need to get M or F visa. There is also Department of State which does a similar job, but both use the same SEVIS program. The first part of getting accepted is usually the hardest.

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The deadline for paying the SEVIS fee is 3 days after you submit the application for a visa. On the Immigration and Customs Enforcement website, you can find the whole process. Be careful when you are putting in the information. The fee is usually around $200. When you submit everything and paid, check on the website if it is confirmed. A third party can also make the payment for you just make sure you get a receipt from them. At the interview, you will have to show the confirmation about the payment.


Student Visa Application

The next step is to have an appointment with someone from the US embassy for the visa application. Make sure you this on time because the process can prolong. Check the website of your country about the application. They should provide additional information about the process. The DS-160 form is the first you need to check where you fill in all the needed information about yourself.

You also need to provide a recent photo of yourself, it can happen that they don’t accept it when you upload, so you have to print it and bring it when you have the interview. The last thing to do is to sign the document electronically at the end of the document. They will give you an ID number that you should print and carry with you to the interview.

The Interview

Before you get to the interview you need to know what to bring there. The last payment you need to make is the MRV fee which you should take to the interview. When you schedule it over the phone or on the website, it won’t matter if they sent you to the embassy outside of your town.

Bring every document related to the visa with your valid passport and photographs. They will inform you what you should bring over the phone or it will be placed on the website. It is important to be on time and prepared. The main reason why they do the interview is to check if you are qualified to get the visa. They will ask you about your English skills, about the program, and your home country. Read more here.

The time you have to wait until you get the information about what to do next, depends on the country. Don’t buy the ticket in advance until you get the visa. Even when you have it, it doesn’t guarantee your entry. That is done by the DHS and Border Protection.