If you are looking for a secret, romantic getaway vacation on the banks of the Jordan River or Zimmer in northern Israel, we will be the best choice for you. The fact that the one-of-a-kind tourist town is located on the eastern side of the Jordan River in the north of the Sea of Galilee can sometimes be heard flowing from the Jordan River on the first line of the Zimmer settlement.

We are surrounded by nature reserves coming to us really and Jewish stream, site, river hexagons, and Jordan Park combined archaeological, nature reserve and tourism. There is an unfamiliar place very near the settlement of an isolated region a beautiful and you should not miss details below.

A little over three nature reserves very close to our bed and breakfasts compound

This is a huge advantage to stay Badn’s luxury boutique BB compound Had Ness also enjoy luxurious accommodations and travel in the immediate vicinity no effort. Here are all possibilities right at your fingertips, rare places very close to our bed and breakfasts compound as well as easy access to any destination in the Golan Heights and the north in general.

Recommended sites must visit

River hexagonal creating one’s own death an enormous basalt rock during a volcanic eruption, the outside of the block of lava cools faster than the interior, creating a contraction and expansion and that created pages with five and six ribs and therefore the name River or swimming hexagonal hexagons.

River Jew named after a Jewish village located on a hillside facing the river. The river flows southwest and connects the square stream eventually reaches the Sea of ​​Galilee, the reserve is available tents and explore its great teacher.

Jordan Park on the east side of the Jordan River belongs to the JNF and contains a nature reserve “side” archaeological and tourist site. Park there is an archaeological site located on Tel associated with the Bible and the Kingdom Bridge remains a synagogue from the fifth century AD.

Settlement Ness has all conditions for recreation: a synagogue, grocery store, Public Pool, pub- “Luna Bar”, public parks, free parking, walking areas Walking in the fresh air of the Golan Heights, bike paths and luxury vacation rentals.

B&B on the banks of the Jordan River

If you are staying at vacation bungalow on the banks of the Jordan River Had Ness community environment, we will tell you about the place of rare beauty on the banks of the Jordan River in the very near our bed and breakfasts compound so close that you can reach by walking or biking, and can also be a vehicle. A great place for a picnic in the wild desolate and isolated place alongside astounding fluidity is spread over a wide area through several channels, some shallow-water river flow and some deep stronger and cannot swim without fear. Pristine valley surrounded by mountains wild trees perfect weather.

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