If you are searching for one of the best seaside cities in Europe so you can have a getaway from your everyday life pressures or unwind from your recent stress at work, then your next tourist destination will be Odesa Ukraine.

What made Odessa in Ukraine stand out is it’s incredible weather that gave it the perfect ambience any tourist will be looking for, in addition to its breathtaking architecture although some of it was damaged during the World War II but the french sense of style with a bit of an Italian touch in its touristic spots gave the city an unforgettable taste. A city with all these vintage architectures won’t coincidentally be called “Pearl of the South”.

Odessa’s considered to be located on graded hills with a spectacular view of the gulf.

Winter temperature drops around 2 degrees as for summer it’s peaking to 22 degrees celsius, So if you are planning to enjoy some of its outdoor activities and walks it is recommended to travel between May till September.

Pearl of place

Lanzheron beach is the perfect mix between crystal clear water and soft sand grains, located near the city centre made it the perfect beach destination for tourists and locals as well, you could have a refreshing drink while reading your book if you want to preserve your energy or you could go adventurous with a deep-sea cruise followed by a scuba diving experience along the dolphins so always keep your underwater camera rig ready.

This city is highlighted by its diverse collection of cuisines and food vendors that will appeal to all tourists coming from different cultures, whether you are in the mood for something international or local you will find a variety of options that you are looking for,

“Porsche” & “Vareniki” are a must-try that you will find in any menu in Odessa’s as for one of the top restaurants that are distinct with its freshly cooked seafood and delicious local food to that will be “Grada”.

Every Saturday you will find an infinite number of couples walking in a parade along the main walkway in Odessa it is called “Primorsky”, That’s one of the reasons why Odesa is considered the capital of Ukraine for couples, so you would walk and see the happy couples taking photographs and enjoying the magnificent view, this is considered one of the main tourist attractions spots in Odessa.

One of Odessa’s most famous sites is the Potemkin Stairs, designed by Italian architect Franz Boffo and immortalized in Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin, which commemorates the 1905 sea uprising. Exactly the same width although the lower grades are wider.

Shevchenko Park is one of the best parks in the city, it is a recreational and cultural park which you were looking for, Located in the city centre in front of Kyiv University easy access, There you will see the famous monument to the poet “Taras Shevchenko” who the park was named after him, you could walk in the middle of large green spaces or ride your bicycle. You don’t have to cancel any of your scheduled plans to visit this park or go rushing before it’s closed because it’s open 24/7.