One of the most popular outdoor activities in Dubai is Deep Sea Fishing. For some it’s a sport and for some it’s an adventure but on the whole it is a great experience for everyone and one should definitely give it a try. For people who love to go out on water, Dubai has already become a favourite tourist destination hosting few of the finest fishing events around the world. Apart from the fun and adventure, the great weather and water will make for great fishing trips Dubai. There are various kinds of fish that can be found in the waters of Dubai. It doesn’t whether you are a novice or an expert at angling, there are various kinds of fish available in the waters of Dubai like grouper, mackerel, kingfish, queenfish, cobia etc. Most of these fish are found all around the year and they can be caught using techniques like trolling, offshore and bottom fishing.

There are various fishing charters that you book for your fishing trips in Dubai. They are provided along with captains who manoeuvre the boats and will guide you during the trip. A few companies organize fishing events like coastal cruising and other water sport activities that include deep sea fishing as well. They will provide you with the equipment required for fishing and also things like coolers to store the fish that you’ve caught.

Before you start on your fishing adventure you need to get a license. Earlier the process of acquiring a license was tedious but now thanks to technology, you can get a license by a click of the mouse. The fishing license costs may vary from one place to another however, tourists can get a short term license. During the license application process, it is necessary for the tourists to carry passport size photographs and copy of one’s passport. All these things are generally taken care by the fishing tour company that helps you out in the whole process. The deep sea fishing trips depend on Dubai’s weather and you may need to carry your original passport for the Coast Guard’s approval.

The most famous spots for a great fishing experience FriendShip Whatsapp Status in Dubai are  Maktoum Bridge, Dubai Creek, East Coast where you can find different kinds of fish like Kingfish, Dibba and Dorado respectively. Each of these fish can be caught using different fishing techniques generally using a squid as a bait. If you are new to fishing you can hire a fishing guide who will guide you to ensure that your trip is successful.

Also, since the weather in Dubai is warm most of the year, it is recommended that summer clothing be used for most of the time but in winter, you should carry a jacket especially on a fishing trip. When the temperature is warm, the fish generally go deep into the water, since the surface gets hot. Therefore, you should go fishing after sunset or before sunrise. Make sure you carry all the equipment required for fishing. Also, in case of any doubt try to clear it by asking the captain. Remember, fishing is fun. Happy fishing!